Minus one tree

We’re minus a tree in the back yard. Those of you who were here for the mulberry angst probably think you know where this is going, but you’re wrong. The mulberry is alive and well. The other tree not so much.

I don’t even know what The Other Tree is because it has received so little attention. In fact, this picture from the fence building is the best shot of it. You can kind of tell that it was a huge tree with dual trunks and a bit of an ivy problem. Really, it wasn’t a pretty specimen.


Unfortunately for The Other Tree, it was also near the power lines. We were not shocked when we received a letter from Ameren stating that a crew would be by to trim the tree away from the lines.

I’m not sure what dictionary they are using, but their definition of “trim” is not the same as mine. Based on what they did to this tree, I think mangle, destroy or kill would have been better choices.


It’s certainly not touching those power lines anymore… it’s also basically a giant stump.


I also find it very ironic that one of the branches they chose to leave is still touching lines (albeit phone lines).

I’m no tree expert, but I’m pretty sure trees need leaves to live. That’s just basic science.

Like any crazy part Sicilian responsible homeowner, I promptly called Ameren to yell at someone express my displeasure and request that they finish the job of taking down this tree. To my complete surprise, the forestry division returned my call a few days later and offered to cut the tree down. They even offered to chop it into firewood. I was elated! Not only would we get some free tree service, but we’d get a bunch of wood just in time for prime fire pit weather! Win/win!


We got about half of that.


Once again, their definition of a word seems to vastly different than… anyone else’s who speaks English.


This “firewood” is not going to fit in our fire pit.


So it’s more like a win/meh. On the plus side, The Other Tree turned out to have some serious rot in the trunk. We probably would have had to pay someone to take it down next year. On the meh side, the tree is basically Humpty Dumpty-d next to our fence until we can borrow/rent a chainsaw… and an axe…

I’m still a little shocked they agreed to take it down. Has anyone else had a run in with the power company’s forestry division?