A very Merry Christmas

A portrait of Mojo has been on my wish list since I found out about and quickly fell in love with the Pet Portraits painted by the uber talented Kim from Yellow Brick Home.

Guys, I must have been really nice this year because this was waiting amongst the boxes marked “To: H Love: A”


OMG! I can’t even…


Look at all those perfectly placed spots! The detail work is amazing. Kim is amazing. Seriously, if you haven’t drooled over her work, go right now.

Kim – Thank you so, so much! It’s even more incredible than I ever dreamed.


Obviously, Aaron is also amazing. He confessed to confiscating my phone under the guise of a “software update” to get access to more pictures of Mo (because if you follow me on Instagram you know it’s basically more Mojo than anyone can handle). Then he worked with Kim to choose the perfect images – this is actually a composite (seriously, stop it! I  couldn’t be more impressed) because our photo hating dog (yes, there is a lot of irony there) didn’t give Aaron the exact look he wanted.


Mojo approves (or is very confused).


What did I get him? Well, most of my funds went toward a Mac Daddy smoker when his second cheap-o option bit the dust this fall. We can now smoke a rack of ribs, a brisket, a duck and two turkey thighs at once. But I also tucked a few decanters under the tree. He rounded out my art-centric holiday with two maps (one KC and one St Louis) and a few items from Anthropologie.

What was your favorite gift (to give or receive) this season? Our favorite item to give away was a sweet plastic semi-truck that can store 50 Hot Wheel cars that went to our nephew. I really wish I would have had the camera ready when he pulled off the wrapping paper.