6 months at the firehouse

About 6 months ago, we popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated the fact that we bought the firehouse. It was ours. We were giddy, full of plans and ready to move past the “waiting to close” purgatory. Our sights were set on a list of projects so long it would make even a seasoned renovation pro think twice.

The past size months have simultaneously been a whirlwind and a strange bout of slow motion. We stand at the 6-month mark in a dizzy and weary state. In fact, when I asked Aaron his thoughts on this milestone, how he felt, he had just one word “tired.”



We honestly thought we’d be further along than we are now. Surely the studio will be done by April or maybe, maybe June. We’ll have the yard fenced ASAP – early spring for sure. The wine cellar and workshop will be easy to bang out before fall.

Nary a one is complete.



We both know it’s something that all DIY-ers face, but it doesn’t stop us from feeling a little frustrated at times. We certainly didn’t expect that after half a year the dining room and living room would look just as cluttered (maybe more so) as move in day – all awaiting the tipping point of the studio completion.



I think it looks worse in pictures, but maybe that’s because I just don’t look at it in person. I know it will get cleared out sooner rather than later.


Upstairs the “livable” areas and “haven’t been touched” areas remain much the same as when we moved in. I thought I was alone in my growing itch to get a bit more settled, but the recent delivery of the Ikea catalog had us both salivating at the thought of a few purchases that would make this feel a bit more like home.









The exterior has seen a fair amount of progress, which probably contributed to the slow going inside. We’ve fallen in love with the outdoor space and exterior projects keep creeping to the top of our 2014 mini-list.


So taking a step back, where are we at?
Physically – tired
Emotionally – depends on the day
Mentally – surprisingly good

As I thought about this post, I thought I would have to caveat it with a few “don’t cry for me” statements. But when I started writing, I realized I’m good with it. Sure, most of the space is a still a wreck but the areas where we have made progress (looking at you studio and yard) have come so far that it takes twice as long to edit the pictures because we marvel at the transformation. We’re creeping along, but we’ll get there.

I also wanted to give a shout out to you. Yep, you. Thanks for reading along, commenting and cheering us on (both virtually and in person). We’re so glad you’re here to share this ride with us. Just let us know when you’re ready to stop by and swing a hammer or grab a paintbrush. (Kidding.) (Kind of.)