A dresser for the captain’s bedroom

New furniture was not on the list for the captain’s bedroom makeover. But when everything was painted (walls and floor), new duct work was hung, and a cool light feature was added, the miscellaneous furniture that was occupying this space looked… even more miscellaneous than it did before. (Perhaps the orange walls were blinding us?)

When we visited South Jefferson Mid Century Modern to snag THE desk, we took a look around and spotted a Broyhill Premiere dresser that would be perfect for this space.


The dimensions were great, and while it had some wear it was in spectacular condition. I hope I have as few dings as this piece when I’m 50+

Also we are majorly in love with real wood furniture. It’s so durable and classic, and don’t you just feel like an adult when you buy it? I do. It feels like an investment… even though the pieces at South Jeff MCM are rarely a splurge.

002captainsroomdresser 003captainsroomdresser 004captainsroomdresser 005captainsroomdresser 006captainsroomdresser 007captainsroomdresser 008captainsroomdresser

The surface had a few scars and the legs needed some help.

009captainsroomdresser 010captainsroomdresser

So we consulted the interwebs and landed on an overall cleaning with Murphy Oil Soap. This stuff smells SO good!


The legs got some glue and a little clamp action.

012captainsroomdresser 013captainsroomdresser

Originally we tried rubbing it down with Danish Oil, but when that didn’t give us the results we wanted, we opted for a coat of Restor-A-Finish.


It’s not perfect, but we think the imperfections adds to the charm.

015captainsroomdresser 016captainsroomdresser

It’s a great spot to store our extra linens. And that wood against the Pantone walls! Just stop. Love it!

017captainsroomdresser 018captainsroomdresser

We were waiting to get this piece in place to decide on art, accessories and plants. (We would love something with some height in that sun-filled corner.) Once that’s done, I’ll call this space 85% done. We’re still on the hunt (albeit a slow one) for matching side tables for the bed, a side table for the Mr Chair and maybe a lamp for that nook too.