New coffee table and bonus side tables

When we put the living room back together we already knew the couch wouldn’t work. Once we secured a replacement, we started giving the coffee table the stink eye.


This bohemuth of a table (it’s 4′ square) has served us well through the years, but the green tinted glass just didn’t work in the freshly painted space. Plus it covered up too much of the rug.


So the hunt was on. We searched high and low, in person and online, new and vintage. We even ordered a mid century inspired, glass topped table from a flash sale site. But when it came in, we didn’t even unpack the glass all the way because it had the same green tint! Thankfully, we only gave it a chance because of a good return policy.



A few Sundays ago when it was much to rainy to work on the fence, we hit up a favorite antique mall and (again) walked away empty handed. We only had one more place to check before being resigned to a long wait: The Future Antiques. St Louis lovers of all things mid century know this store well. It’s filled to the brim with high quality MCM goods – everything from housewares to clothes to furniture.

Aaron claims he had a feeling that we’d find the right piece. All I kept thinking was, “Anything mid century will be much too small.” But when we walked into the back furniture room, a long, leggy wood table caught my eye.

We did the usual checks: measure (I’m not the only one who constantly totes around a measuring tape, right?), check for wobble, check for wear, check the price, ask the question “If it doesn’t look perfect in this space, could we use it somewhere else?” (Is that just us, too?)

It passed all the checks, but I was still worried about the size. At times, we maxed out our current 4′ table with snack buffets and reading material. But then we noticed that there were matching side tables nearby. So we did the same checks – price (more than we wanted to spend for all three pieces, but we were falling in love… and rationalizing), size (I worried they were too tall), reuse (possible side tables in the guest bedroom), condition. You already know where this is going because you read the title of this post.



All three pieces came home with us and we couldn’t be happier. The wood tone is perfect and will be needed when we move the current bar out of the space (foreshadowing). They are solid wood, and they look like they just came from the store. Seriously, we’ve been pondering how 50+ year old tables have nary a scratch on them.



The legs and rails make the pieces feel light… and leave lots of open space for rug viewing. It’s hard to photograph, but the long sides actually curve up just a bit. This was likely the inspiration for the name: surfboard tables (from Bassett’s Artisan Collection.)

We think those curves are the perfect compliment to the curvy sofa (which is back and OMG! OMG! It’s amazing. Way too many pictures later this week.)



I did zero staging for this, except to toss some books and a plant on one of the end tables. Hopefully it gives you some sense of scale. The end tables are nice and deep and provide the perfect extra table space. We don’t miss the 4-foot square at all. (If you’re in need of a massive, modern coffee table it’s up on Craigslist right now.)


Seriously, if you haven’t been to The Future Antiques, get yourself over there (or torture yourself with their new Instagram feed). They have an amazing selection and everything is pristine. Just don’t come back complaining if you spend way to much money there on a Sunday afternoon… I feel your pain.