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Hi! We’re Aaron and Heather. We used to live in a mid century firehouse. That’s not something we ever thought we would say… the “used to” part. In 2014, we bought a foreclosed firehouse with plans to renovate it into our dream “forever home.” And renovate we did… we spent four years customizing the space and chronicling it here.



An amazing job offer in California lured us away because CALIFORNIA! So we sold the firehouse, packed up our two Great Danes (Mojo and Hank) and settled in Southern California. Specifically in Camarillo. Specifically specifically in the only other style of home we’ve ever wanted to own: a mid century ranch.

The new house needs some work, because we can’t buy anything that’s totally our style. So we’re at it again in a new space: building out Aaron’s workshop (again), eagerly planning to rip out carpet and planning a massive kitchen reno. We’re also taking time to enjoy everything that California has to offer – everything that made us give up our dream home. I expect some of that will find a place on this blog. Stick around, it should be interesting.

Where our firehouse has been featured:


All photos by Stacey Schmitz Photography

  1. The fact that you guys have a firehouse is the COOLEST. I’ve been following for a few weeks now and am now a regular lurker around here! πŸ˜‰

    1. Ha! Thanks for stopping by. I’m excited to swing over to your piece of the interwebs for some reciprocal stalking πŸ™‚

  2. […] you just get on board. And, ok, so you need a TV, and possibly a cable subscription. But, tonight, Heather and Aaron of A Fire Pole in the Dining Room are going to be onΒ HGTV’s House Hunters! Cool people, a […]

  3. Just watched your House Hunters episode. I’m glad you chose the Firehouse. It’s an amazing space. I’m envious to be honest….lol. I stumbled on your blog and I look forward to the seeing the updates. Awesome…..simply awesome.

    1. Thanks, Chad! We have a few friends who feel the same way so you’re not alone πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi I just saw you on House Hunters. I love it! I hope you post more pictures as you continue to do the work. Wonderful photography, too.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments! It has come a long way and we’re still making progress so keep coming back to see what else has changed.

  5. Hey Heather and Aaron, beautiful choice. I loved the episode of house hunters! I have a question I hope you can answer, where is the second place located? That’s exactly my taste and I was hoping if you could give me a little information on it. I tracked you down just to find out and say congrats as well! Hope you can get back to me thanks!

    1. Hi McKenzie – The episode was filmed in February of 2013, so we know that place has sold. But for reference it’s a loft in the building at 3212 Locust (just east of SLU’s campus).

  6. Hi Heather and Aaron, I saw your home on house hunters and think you have done an amazing job. I used to live in Saint Louis when I flew for TWA in the 90’s. I am now working on a new venture and planning to make dog collars out of old fire hose. I saw the fire hose pendant lights you have and was trying to figure out how to make one. Can you give me any hints on how they were made? Cheers and congrats on your accomplishments! – Paul

    1. Hi Paul – Thanks for the message. We haven’t opened them up yet, but as far as we can tell the former owner used a track lighting system and suspended pendants down through the hose. Hopefully that helps! I’m sure we’ll post in it when we take them out (maybe later this year if we tackle the rest of our first floor makeover).

  7. Would love to feature you in the Post-Dispatch’s Home & Away section. Please contact me! What a splendid job you’re doing! Could be so inspiration — and in the trenches — for readers!

    1. Thanks, Susan! I just shot you an email.

  8. Saw you guys on House Hunters and I just HAD to see if there was any way I could see what you’ve done to the place. It looks unreal!!!

    1. Thanks!!

  9. Just saw the episode on House Hunters…all the way in Idaho. I don’t have a connection to St. Louis, but your house is so cool. I’ve been looking around your site and am so amazed by what you’ve done. Good work!!

    1. Thanks, Kara! I’m so glad you found us πŸ™‚

  10. Love the blog, love the firehouse, and you guys are making me seriously miss St. Louis. My husband is from there originally and we’re headed back to see family soon.

    1. Thanks, Stefanie! πŸ™‚

  11. I just saw you guys on House Hunters on Netflix. BEST. EPISODE. EVER!!! I had to totally do some major investigating to find this blog lol. I am so glad I found you. My new favorite blog πŸ™‚ LOVE THE FIREHOUSE!

    1. Aww! Thanks so much! We were really happy with how the episode turned out. Welcome to the blog! It’s always nice to have a new reader!

  12. Stayed up way too late watching House Hunters tonight and happened on your episode. My husband and I are also creatives, and are now totally in love with your home. You guys are awesome and very inspiring. I look forward to seeing the updates as they come!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sarah! I’m so glad you found us here!

  13. I’m a little late to the party but just saw your episode on House Hunters on Netflix and was in love with the firehouse. I can’t wait to take a look at your blog and see the progress!

    1. Hi, Jessica! Welcome! We’re so glad you found us πŸ™‚

  14. I have been binge watching House Hunters on Netflix, and saw your episode. I was so excited to see you got the fire house! I am also a photographer, and had to stalk your business on Facebook immediately. Haha! (Your work is absolutely gorgeous btw!!)

    I was hoping to find updated to see what you have done with the firehouse, and so I have been sucked down the rabbit hole, perusing through your blog for the past hour. πŸ™‚

    I am absolutely in love with all that you have done!! So very cool! I will definitely stalk, I mean follow, this blog for future updates. Best house ever!! And I won’t even get started on my jealousy of your studio/office space and future wine cellar (as I sit here editing on a crappy desk in a make-shift corner of our family room).

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! I’m so glad you found us. We need all the cheerleaders (stalkers) we can get πŸ˜€

  15. Oh my goodness,this is awesome.I watched that episode of House Hunters,and I kept saying” take the fire house!”I am so glad you did.Great job.I am in awe.

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I’m glad you were cheering for that option!

  16. My mom, dad and I just watched house hunters and we’re excited to find your blog with updates on the space. We also wanted to know how’s Mojo? From, Owen

    1. Hi Owen – Thanks for checking out our episode and stopping by our blog. Mojo is doing well! She absolutely loves the yard, especially this time of year. We also have a new addition to the family: a black Great Dane named Hank. He’s a puppy so he has lots of energy!

  17. Heather and Aaron,

    You guys rock! I’ve been following your blog since I saw you on HGTV’s House Hunters Episode last year. I check in on your blog ever couple of months and you guys are seriously somethin’ else! Thank you for sharing your home and talent with the world (Heather, your blog posts make me LOL. You are so thorough and detailed and its GREAT for us watching because we can figure out how to create something as awesome as you guys). I seriously am in awe of the incredible ideas you guys come up with! Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

    Best of luck from California!!


    1. Hi Marissa – This was a great thing to see in our inbox this morning! Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. And anyone who thinks I’m funny instantly goes on my ‘I really like you’ list πŸ˜‰ We’re looking forward to diving into and sharing more projects soon!

  18. I think this is absolutely amazing!! The transformation is incredible!!! Happy for you both!! I would love to transform something just like that! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. Sometimes it’s hard for us to focus on everything we’ve done instead of everything we need to do. We so appreciate our virtual cheerleaders and comments like yours!

  19. Wow! I am so impressed! I bought a 700 square foot house in The Grove and what a lot of work it has taken me to rehab!

    1. Thanks, Lisette. It’s been slow going lately, but it’s nice to look back and see how far it has come.

  20. Found you guys on Pinterest and am absolutely in love. Not only because of the obvious, the fire house, but because you have two Great Danes like myself. Keep up the amazing work and keep living outside the box!!!!

    1. Aww! That’s awesome! What color are yours?

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