The madness of midway (and a video)

The best thing I can say about the demolition phase of this renovation is that it is over. It really is madness to take most of your house down the studs, essentially live in your master suite, wash dishes in your guest bathroom tub, cook on a camp stove, and (for a few weeks) do laundry on your patio. Madness.

In the spirit of documenting and sharing, I thought it was still worth sharing a few shots of the house midway through the renovation.

Walking into the house, the intrusive pantry is gone, as is most of the drywall around the kitchen. You can start to see the front-to-back view we’ll have when this wall gets cut in half.

Here’s a better shot of the kitchen, and it’s pretty empty at this point. We did a little extra demo by pulling down the entire ceiling, rather than removing the soffit and patching where it had been. The lights still work though, which means this space has 100% more light than the future dining room has ever had. So there’s that.

Staring straight into the kitchen (and future laundry room) the space feels simultaneously huge (thanks to everything being gone) and small (we’re putting a whole kitchen here?!?). Don’t forget that the space behind where I’m standing will be a huge wall of cabinets and a hidden pantry.

This view of the living room doesn’t even look that crazy. The drywall is almost out, but we haven’t even removed the slider yet (but we have decided not to keep it, per my earlier post). The carpet (and the hodgepodge of tile below) is on its way out.

This view is a bit crazier, showing the drywall we pulled from the upper part of the wall. That will eventually get recovered, but it did give us easy access to the corner of the attic where previous owners and contractors decided to leave rolls of insulation other non-essential building materials. Clean out commenced pre-drywall replacement. #RenovationIsGlamorous

The problem with these types of photos is the chaos. It’s really hard to take in what we’re planning. So once the walls were in place and the form was taking shape, I did a video tour to give you a better feel for the space.


A few notes

  • Yay walls!
  • I mention the washer and dryer will stack. I failed to mention that we decided to buy a new washer. Our dryer is new enough that the washer pair was available. So we’re not stacking our existing set…. which wouldn’t work….
  • The pantry still feels a little crazy here… buy trust that it all makes sense later.
  • I mentioned the need to address the ceiling to add lights. That’s a great set up for our next post, which will be that PLUS (thanks to the magic of the internet) ALL OF THE DRYWALL!!!


SIde note: If you’re still out there reading this – thank you. I know this whole transition from a super cool firehouse to a California ranch has been odd, and then I basically disappeared for months. Renovations were slow thanks to Aaron spending all of last fall in the Midwest. Once things got rolling my job became utterly insane. If I wasn’t working in the evening, I was completely exhausted and it’s hard for me to be verbose and witty whilst tired. The work pace may not let up, but we’ve got SO many things to show you and I’m energized by the progress we’ve made! All that to say (again), thanks for sticking around and checking in to our little corner of the internet.

  1. This is very exciting! We have to tackle our kitchen in the next couple of years, and I’m already dreading it. Ha!!

    1. That is exciting. This is our first kitchen and we definitely ran into a few snags. Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes 🙂

  2. I’m your no. 1 fan, amd you guys are awesome. Thank YOU for sharing with us!

    1. Aww! Thanks!!

  3. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been following since the firehouse and I think this California ranch reno is super fun! Can’t wait to see how it goes!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! We are pretty excited about taking on a smaller space… plus California is a bonus 😉

  4. Thank you for updating!

    1. Thanks for following!

  5. I’m so glad you decided to continue your blog. I was about to be super sad when I heard y’all were moving and thinking of kicking the blog to the curb. Y’alls renovations are always ambitious and awesome, and I enjoy hearing about them, no matter what kind of house you live in.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! This renovation definitely feels ambitious. I’m really happy to be sharing.

  6. Looking forward to see how this turns out. I think the door/window switcheroo from the last post makes a ton of sense. I hope you keep the groovy stone fireplace – I dream of having a home with one of those someday.

    1. We are totally keeping the stone fireplace! We love it!!

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