You’re healthy until you’re not

Before you get too excited, we’re both essentially fine – nothing life threatening is happening. This was just the sentence that kept playing through my head last night and spurred me to start a blog post on my phone. (That’s normal, right?)

One of the last times we visited Kansas City, I remember sitting (nearly falling asleep, really) on Aaron’s grandma’s couch as the elders of the tribe discussed their various ailments. At one point, I was called out on not participating in the conversation. I was awake enough to retort “I don’t have any health issues to discuss.”

Such is the way of life. You’re healthy until you’re not. If this year has a theme it is certainly “Aaron is not healthy.”  His injured foot, which ultimately led to canceling most of our spring camping plans and buying a different trailer, is mostly healed.

Thankfully, his foot was healthy enough for us to enjoy a few days on Bourbon Trail in late May. But when we came back, he promptly got poison ivy from the extra lot. Two things you should know: 1. Aaron is highly allergic to poison ivy. 2. Urban poison ivy is a serious issue… at least in our extra lot. In this case, he got poison ivy on his hands (Yikes!) and it was bad. (You’re welcome for not sharing pictures.) Without going into too many details (again, you’re welcome) the poison ivy just wouldn’t go away. It wrecked his hands to the point that it hurt to hold a hammer.

He finally heeded my advice and visited the doctor. The diagnosis: (probably) psoriasis that was triggered by the poison ivy. Medications have been procured and I have nearly every finger crossed for a quick recovery.

I mention all of this because firehouse progress has been slow… actually that was generous. Firehouse progress has been nonexistent. You may have noticed…


We’re also facing our busiest time of year: fall wedding season. I counted and between both jobs I have 5 (FIVE!) days off during the entire month of October. Dear Lord…

So, I was wondering if there was anything I could blog about in the meantime – anything you’d like to know or see? Maybe you want an update on the fence? Maybe you want to hear about our Bourbon Trail trip or my excursion to Paris (ahhhhhh! I still don’t really believe it!)? Maybe you’d be satisfied with random dog pictures and videos? (Example below where they prove that through teamwork they can block the entire kitchen floor.) Maybe you have some burning questions for us – firehouse or not-firehouse related. Tell me, friends.







  1. Oh man! I so feel Aaron’s pain. I had the worst case of it a few years ago that started on my hands but my lovely dry skin spread it quickly all over. I still have scars and can remember the pain of it on my arms. So dumb!! I’m always up for more dog photos, but would love to hear your take on Paris!!

    1. Oh yikes! I’m sorry to hear that. This looked incredibly painful and it it most pronounced in the creases of his fingers. The steriods have already helped quite a bit!

      Ha! I mean, who isn’t up for dog photos 😉

  2. First thing I want to say is that I hope Aaron heals quickly and doesn’t have life long issues with psoriasis. I saw the headline in my email, and it struck me like lightening. I was always super healthy, until I was not. I have over 200 diagnosis and conditions, many genetic, and many that left me disabled by strokes, pain, and fighting each day for my life. Which is why I would love to see random doggie videos and perhaps some stories of the pups, Aaron and you. Plus if you don’t mind sharing more about your family. I’ve loved reading your blog, and find it so entertaining. I’ve grown fond of you and Aaron even though we don’t know each other. So a few puppy videos, puppy stories and random things that just pop into your head sound good to me. I’ll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and awaiting whatever you decide to post. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Pam. Your message was so sweet! I really hope you find some relief for your health predicaments as well. In the meantime, I can certainly supply some puppy images and maybe some random anecdotes.

  3. Dude, how absolutely sucky. Having spent the past year dealing with my own injury pain (that has me laid up right now) I totally get how intrusive these kinds of things are into normal life. I feel for you both, and send healing vibes your way.

    As for blogging ideas, I bet readers (like me!) would love to see more day-to-day ‘what it’s like to actually *live* in an alternative building/home. What are the challenges? What are the joys? While we love seeing progress, I think it’s your bravery to choose a different path that is most exciting. I bet you guys could do some great vlog-style videos, too, especially with your photography skillz. (That’s right, use that letter Z.)

    1. Oh geez! I had no idea. So sorry, friend.

      Good suggestions (or suggestionz ??) I can pretty easily tick off some things we love and some things we struggle with because of the building we call home. I’m kind of on the fence about vlogging. I love what Yellow Brick Home is doing, but I know that takes time and skillz (specifically Aaron’s, which will be in short supply for awhile.) On the other hand, I could see myself posting more to Instagram Stories. Good stuff to think on. Thankz!! 😉

  4. So sorry to hear about Aaron! Geoff is also highly allergic to poison ivy and gets it by looking at it so I feel your pain. That sucks to live right by it and have it aggravated constantly. 🙁 here’s to a healthier rest of the year!

    I’d love to here about Paris- let me live vicariously through you (and I know you took killer photos

    I hope you get a little bit of down time at least these next few months!

    1. Oh man! It sounds like they are very similar.

      I was hoping people would want to hear about Paris 😉

  5. Oh gosh, I had no idea about Aaron’s poison ivy! I’m so sorry! I hope he gets better soon! Let us know if you guys need anything!
    And yes: Paris. But a post with the dogs would be fun too!

    1. I don’t think there was any reason to bring it up when we saw you. I’m sure he’ll just be glad that you didn’t notice his hands looking so gross!

      Sweet. I like votes for Paris 😉

  6. Yes, Paris! I always want to hear about Paris.

    My husband is highly allergic too & despite years of experience, always seemed to find it as a kid/teenager. Luckily, he hasn’t been exposed very often as an adult. Absolutely no fun, though.

    I also love the earlier suggestion about the challenges of living in an alternative building (besides poison ivy next door). I enjoyed hearing about the vacant lot & real estate market earlier.

    1. It’s crazy how many people are allergic or have a loved one who is. I’m pretty sure I’m not, but I haven’t tested that theory by grabbing onto a plant. I am, however, allergic to ragweed and just about every form of grass.

      Sweet! I’ll chalk up another vote for Paris and think about some other things we can share about living in an alternative space. Thanks so much for your input!

  7. So sorry to hear about the poison ivy and related issues. Sometimes it’s so hard to gather up the strength to head to the doctor. It’s hard to blog when there seems to be nothing to write about but I like some of the recommendations above… You could always write a little about cool places to visit in St. Louis as well! I bet as a wedding photographer you have a wealth of knowledge.

    1. RE: The doctor – It’s very true. We just kept assuming it would heal and it never did. I feel pretty medically smart because I told him it wasn’t poison ivy anymore and that his immune system was freaking out. So basically I’m a doctor now 😉

      We could probably come up with some St. Louis specific stuff. As for wedding photography, the best stories are ones we can’t put into the world in writing. Ha!

  8. I love reading this blog and I’m happy to read about anything you’d like to post about 🙂 Paris, yay! Dogs, yay! But yea, I’d also love to hear more about your favorite things about living in the firehouse as well as the things that aren’t so great. I’d also love to hear more about the history of the firehouse if you guys have any more information on that.

    Hope Aaron heals fast!

    1. Thanks for your input Genevieve. We have not made any additional headway on the history of the firehouse beyond what we shared in this post:

      But that’s an excellent suggestion!

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