We bought another trailer

I’ll preface this post by saying that it’s been a weird couple of weeks. That title is not something I expected to write anytime soon, because we already own a sweet, vintage trailer. So let’s dive right in.

About two weeks ago, we took advantage of some really nice weather to do some work in the extra lot. Although we hired some Craigslist labor to do the first major cleanup, the lot was still littered with half of a tree, a pile of bricks and SOOO many sticks. We pulled out the chainsaw to take care of some of the larger pieces of wood and started a controlled brush fire (file that under things I never thought I’d say).

At some point in the course of the day, Aaron hurt his right foot. It wasn’t a “Bang! Ow!” situation, but more of a “We’ve been recouping on the couch and my foot is really starting to hurt” and the next morning “Seriously, my foot hurts.” And that’s been the status for a few weeks. We’ve gone from crutches to a walking boot, which I have helpfully named “Das Boot” because everyone needs a daily Beerfest reference – right?

All of this foot pain caused us to cancel our first camping trip of the year. So that Friday instead of enjoying nature, we were stuck at home and Aaron was making his usual Craigslist rounds. He stumbled on a 2010 R-pod camping trailer at a fantastic price.


Before we go any further (because you obviously know that we bought this R-pod trailer) it’s helpful to have a little background about our current trailer. When we bought it, it was supposed to be a relatively quick, interior-only redo that would give us veritable hotel room on wheels. Then the firehouse happened and that project came to a screeching halt as we tackled all of the incredibly necessary projects here (like building a studio so we could keep our photography business going… ya know, little things like that). Now we devote all of our tinkering time, money and energy to the firehouse and we need camping (and owning a trailer) to be as easy as possible. So we knew that eventually we’d want to change to a modern trailer.

The deal on the R-pod was so good and our current trailer is pristine, therefore worth the most amount of money right now. So we’re making the switch. Function beat form and we’re selling the rebuilt Trailblazer.


It’s a little bittersweet, but it feels like the right time to do it. So if you know anyone in the market, feel free to share this Craigslist post.

In the meantime we’re hoping Das Boot will finally allow Aaron’s foot to heal so he can put the finishing touches on the workshop (I think I’m literally only waiting for a counter top to be screwed down before taking “after” pics) and keep forging ahead on the living room/dining room redo.

  1. Congrats on the new addition! Slowly chugging away on my place. Wanting to get all of the outside done first.

  2. Awww, no interior pics?? I was really curious what the trailer looks like.

    1. Ha! You’re not the first person to ask for interior shots. It’s a lot of brown on beige on beige. But maybe I’ll snag a few when we take it out for the first time.

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