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It’s been a bit of an unintended absence the last few weeks and I apologize. It felt like we literally spent the last few days of the 2015 hanging onto a thread and hoping the universe wouldn’t notice and send some other tragedy our way. It worked and 2016 has really turned the corner! So I thought I would check in, chat a bit, show you pictures of our dogs. It’s basically like my Instagram account, but with more words.

The flood waters have receded

Like the rest of St Louis, we faced an unprecedented amount of water falling from the sky in the warm weather of late December. Our basement nearly flooded. Truthfully we were only saved by the drainage system, which Aaron was able to divert most of the leaks into. Our sump pump ran constantly. I spent a sleepless night worrying about the basement literally filling up with water. At the peak of the crisis, water started shooting in OVER Aaron’s head. It was like the firehouse was suddenly built in the middle of a pond.


But it precipitated (see what I did there) a welcome change. The massive amounts of water and a call from one of our neighbors (we’re not sure who, we tried to to call the sewer department and couldn’t get through) brought out a crew to pump the storm drain. That gave us a chance to tell them about the entire truck of concrete that was emptied into a now nonexistent manhole in preparation for tearing down the building by the substation. That prompted a massive project to fix the line and now the water is gone. It’s like it never happened. Barring an act of God (or another misplaced load of concrete) we think our basement is finally once again safe… and now has added protection thanks to the drainage system.

The workshop is happening

FOR REAL. I’m a broken record when it comes to this space, but things are getting real down there. The lockers are in place and full of supplies. The dining room is being freed of construction paraphernalia. And if it weren’t for an incorrect order of pvc pipe joints (it was marked incorrectly on Home Depot’s side) we would be JUST about done with that space. You’ll get a real update soon!

I got a Roomba!

Aaron surprised me (despite our “no gifts this Christmas”) with a Roomba he scored on an awesome Amazon deal. It is AHHHHHmazing! I feel so fancy, like a have a cleaning lady… even though she’s really only good at floor maintenance.


Hank is huge!

Hank is still growing, but we think he’s reached his max height. The situation behind the couch went from this…


To this:


So that is what’s new with us. Things will get back to their regularly scheduled programming around here very soon. We’ve got our sights set on the dining room/living room and can’t wait to get going!

  1. Congrats on surviving Waterloo, Watergate, or whatever water pun you can think of… Waterworld? (That was a spectacle and a financial mess, so maybe that’s the best moniker.) Cheers to abundant liquids being available for consumption (mayhaps in the form of some lovely whisky?) only, and, ok, to help the plants, like, live and whatnot. Go, Team 2016!

    1. Waterworld is definitely the most appropriate… or the Money Pit, which is a movie I should really re-watch. Yes! Here’s to 2016 being BONE DRY!!

  2. We just watched your episode of House Hunters on Netflix. My children love the show too and were absolutely fascinated by the people who wanted to live in a Firehouse. At 11 and 8 years old, the concept of living in anything other than a traditional house is new to them. At the end of the show they were very upset that they didn’t get to see the finished space. They both agreed that you might have the coolest house of all the ones they have seen on House Hunters. We are so excited to dive into your blog and see how all of your projects have come along. Such a great idea!

    1. Ha! That’s awesome! Your comments definitely made me chuckle. I’m so glad you loved the episode and found us here to see the updates. There’s a lot to take in, but we did a video tour in November which will be the fastest way to see the overall updates.

  3. Hank is so huge!!! I shed a little tear when I looked back a few months ago at spankys kitten pictures. Not as dramatic as Hank, but he’s so big. He officially passed Louie by a half pound. He’s still growing too…haha

    Can’t wait to see the workshop! I’m so dreaming of one of those. If only we could find a house….ugh!!

    1. Ha! I know! I really should have gone full blown mom and taken pictures of him next to the same thing each month. Mojo is a good reference point 🙂

      1. Omg! Why did I never think of this?! That would have been hilarious! How do we go back in time and make this happen?!

        1. Hahaha! Right? We totally missed the chance to print monthly stickers and adhere them to our pets.

  4. Hold your heads up, you live in a fire house!!! The puppy dogs are so funny. You have to post more pictures of them. My firehouse is s-l-o-w-l-y coming along. New furnace and ac units. Ouch! Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, Brad! We definitely feel like things are on the upswing. How’s your new HVAC? We literally feel your pain on that one. The good news is that we love the new systems and things have been much more temperate inside the firehouse!

  5. YAY Roombas!!! I’m IN LOVE with mine. It has a name, it plays with the baby, I think I should get it a valentines card at this point. Best Thin Ever.
    Also- Hank is huge!!! I didn’t realize how much he’s grown until I saw the side by sides!!

    1. Seriously. I feel like we were cavemen before this came along. Now I really want a version that washes my floors because I’m greedy.

      Ha! I know! It’s crazy to see them side by side. He actually makes her look small sometimes.

  6. So glad to read you literally weathered the storms of 2015 and praying 2016 is wonderful! I thought those Roombas came with a cat riding on top. Then again given the situation behind the couch the kitty would have not stood a chance. Seriously though, what adorable fur babies you have! I want to hug and kiss class cuties. Welcome back, I’m glad you’re all doing well. Yay!

    1. Thanks, Pam! Ha! No cat in our box, which, as you pointed out, is a good thing. I’ll be sure to give both Danes a hug for you!

  7. I love Mojo’s adorable long-suffering expression in the first puppy pic.

    1. Awww! I know! She’s so sweet and dopey looking.

  8. So, curious? How do you like your Roomba, now that you’ve had it a while?

    We, literally, have 4,000 sq. ft. of hardwood floors (on the second floor alone) to keep swept. We’ve heard good things. But, have never talked with anyone that’s had theirs a while, and let reality sink in with them, and know what they’re like in real world use.

    Thanks in advance with your thoughts!

    P.S. The place is coming along great!! Congrats, again!! Ours in probably 99% done, at this point, with only the fireproofing of the garage (needed for city code compliance), the rooftop deck, and, the dumbwaiter left to do as major projects. We’re sooo ready to be complete, and relax for a change and just enjoy it all!

    1. I’m still very much in love with the Roomba. I does a great job keeping things clean upstairs. I’m kind of amazed at how much dust it picks up! And balls of pet hair are a thing of the past! We’ve found the trick with such a large space, like ours and yours, is cordoning it off so it has enough battery power and room in the collection chamber to do a full job. So I run it separately in all of our rooms over the course of the weekend. We don’t have it programmed to automatically run, but that’s an option as well. I usually let it run it run in the family room overnight on Saturdays (it’s far enough from the bedroom that we can’t hear it) and it’s amazing to wake up to clean floors.

      We haven’t used it in the studio because there isn’t a good way to section it off and the space is too big for the Roomba to do in one pass. It comes with lighthouses that you can use to create boundaries (or at least our version did), which theoretically we could use, but we haven’t.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      I’m so jealous that your space is almost done! That’s awesome!! You should definitely crack a bottle of something fancy when you finally finish it… and maybe get some extra sleep 😉

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