A new desk for the captain’s bedroom

Has anyone else started buying things off Instagram? Or is that just me? Ok, it’s not just anything from Instagram – specifically it’s things from South Jefferson Mid Century Modern. We chatted a little about this cute, hole-in-the-wall spot that boasts great finds and great deals when we snagged a table base at the end of last year. I love following their IG feed because Todd, the owner, is great about including dimensions and prices. I think I spotted THE desk on Instagram first. On our first trip to the shop, the desk was hard to miss: 9+ feet of walnut that was in superb shape. We gave it a cursory glance, but dismissed it due to the lack of a place to put it.

Then it was there on our next trip… silently staring at us. We mulled it over and even measured a few walls in the captain’s bedroom – specifically the one to the right of the door (as you enter) and the one next to bathroom (turned closet). The walls were too small. We briefly considered the the wall to the left of the door, but it was SOOO dark in that corner that we nixed the idea and tried to banish the desk from our thoughts.

Time passed and we started to think through our plans for making over the captain’s bedroom, which included removing the closet and adding light. And that desk was still haunting us. Suddenly the wall next to the right of the door seemed liked a real possibility. We finally measured and it was long enough! I jumped on Instagram to confirm that no one had snagged the desk… and I think you know where this is going. We bought the desk and it is nestled in it’s new home.


I love it so much. It feels like it was meant to be here, like it was just waiting for us to realize.

It was in such good condition that it just needed a wipe down with Restor-a-finish to get it looking great. The walnut really pops against the green paint.


Thankfully, it’s modular so getting it home was not as arduous as it could have been. The left side, right side and top are all separate pieces. In fact, it was set up in the reverse at the store, but we thought this layout worked better in our space. The left side has a small drawer and file cabinet drawer.


The right side features black sliding doors on one side and more drawers on the other.

003captainsroomdesk 004captainsroomdesk

It’s nice to have some storage space in the room and will offer a good landing zone for guests.


Because the top was a separate piece, we were able to slide it all the way to the wall. This allows the door to the room to open all the way and minimizes the new soffit.


The soffit is something we added to the room to cover up a random plumbing “feature.” It’s been hiding behind the things we stored in the room, but with everything cleared out you can just see it below.


Here’s a better shot.


Why is it here? We have no idea.

What was it used for? Your guess is as good as ours.

We didn’t try to turn it on. The main goal was to make sure no one else did. So Aaron built a simple soffit that we painted green to help it blend into the wall. Our only regret is that we would have made it bigger if we knew THE desk was coming.


Once the desk is staged, I don’t think you’ll notice it less.


We paired the desk with another Instagram find from Anew Nature. They have an awesome mission of providing vocational training to unemployed, at-risk men. Plus, they  turn out some really beautiful work, including tons of custom pieces. When they showcased a set of 3 white rolling chairs on their Instagram feed for a steal, I sent the picture over to Aaron and he was at the shop in a matter of hours to claim them. One lives here, one lives at my desk in the studio and the third is a back up.

009captainsroomdesk 010captainsroomdesk 011captainsroomdesk

This corner of the room feels like it is coming together. Art is still TBD because we have another score from South Jefferson MCM to add to the room. Once that’s ready we can start layering in some other things. I’ve been holding off showing a real “after” of the room, but I’ve realized that we’re just not the type of people/bloggers who can go all in and decorate a room top to bottom in a few weeks. We’re totally OK with letting things settle into place and having space for fun random finds. So next post, I’ll show you (yet another) piece that is calling this space home and some better overalls of the room. In the meantime, tell me what you’re seeing and buying off Instagram or who you love following on there. I’m always looking for pretty things and interesting people to fill my feed. Feel free to follow me there if you want to see what we’re up to in real-time… or really like pictures of a couple of adorable Great Danes.

  1. You’ve got me hooked on their Instagram feed. It’s more punishment though because I see so many things that would work for us, and they’re not in Indy! We may have to make a trip over to check out their store! I should probably bring a trailer…. Haha

    1. It really is. Their prices are just SO good! And he gets new items all the time.

      Definitely bring a trailer AND let me know if you do make your way to town!

  2. I really need to make it over to them because you’re absolutely right, that desk looks like it was made for your place! I instead spent my weekend hunting architectural salvage all over St. Louis. That’s a project in and of itself.

    1. That IS a project! We’ll wander through a salvage shop on occasion, but I don’t think we’ve ever purchased. What are you on the hunt for?

  3. THE desk is spectacular. I initially thought that the sliding panel storage was an old radio speaker (the hubby’s aunt has a walnut radio/record player cabinet that’s quite long). But that chair! So great! You guys are going to have a seriously hard time getting guests to depart from Chez June Bug. I hope you’re prepared for that. 😉

    1. Right? It’s a gorgeous piece. I still can’t believe it’s ours since we drooled over it for so long.
      Ha! Chez June Bug has a nice right to it. We’ve been referring to it as the “Arch View Suite” since one of our photographer friends realized you can JUST see the Arch on a clear day.

  4. The desk is amazing, especially since it’s modular and you were able to customize the setup so much. Really beautiful find, nicely done!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad we could flip things around. It makes so much sense for this space.

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  6. That desk is super sexy and MADE for you two and that room. See? It stuck around just for you. Boom! Meant to be.

    1. Right!? Clearly it was meant to be. I LOOOOVE it.

  7. i am in love with that desk. thanks for revealing the source, as i’ll be checking out their Instagram to score some cool finds. totally jealous of your radio tubes and such, as well.

    your place just keeps getting better!

    1. Thank you! South Jefferson MCM is always finding (and selling) awesome stuff. It’s dangerous to get hooked on his Instagram…

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