Sugru the shower handle

Have you heard of Sugru yet? You probably have, because, like me, you probably follow many of the popular home/DIY blogs, including the hilarious Katie of Bower Power who talked about the magic of Sugru a few weeks ago. Basically, Sugru is a cool substance that starts pliable and dries as a firm plastic. It’s play dough plastic, and I instantly thought of a spot in the firehouse that could benefit from some fixing.

Welcome to our master bathroom. I don’t talk about this space much because it’s functional and oh so boring. It’s also years away from any kind of facelift. But the shower door was in need of a minor repair.


In a burst of vigorous cleaning (because soap scum is a B! Side note: When the cleaning crew tackled our house, we tacked on the master bath even though it wasn’t covered in dust. The cleaning ladies actually apologized for not being able to remove all the soap scum from the shower door. In related news: I no longer feel bad about my cleaning skills.) I digress. Whilst cleaning, I accidentally broke some sort of plastic ring that was holding the two sides of the shower door handle together. I’m fairly certain that it was brittle from old age. Another ring soon followed suit and since then we’ve been living with a wobbly handle, which felt like it might break off at any moment.
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Sugru seemed like the perfect solution. I snagged a pack at Target and after our showers one night, it took 10 whole minutes to make the fix. I used one pack on each side of the door, splitting the Sugru into two pieces for each connection. After wiping down the door, I rolled out the Sugru, stuck it in place and let it dry for the prescribed 24 hours. Voila!

005basementwater 006basementwater 007basementwater

So far it’s working perfectly! Aaron pointed out that it’s not a very pretty fix, likening it to chewing gum. I don’t disagree, but in this destined-for-an-eventual-reno space (and on a handle that we use repeatedly each day) I’m ok with function over form. So are you on the Sugru bandwagon?

I feel like it’s a blogger duty to mention that I wasn’t paid by Sugru. In fact, no one has ever paid me to write a single word on this blog (so far, but if the right company came along, I’d consider it… just putting that out there. COUGHSchoolhouse ElectricCOUGH) I just thought this product was cool and wanted to share.

  1. Love it! It’s perfect – don’t ever change it. The chewing gum aesthetic will come back into style, and you’ll be the trendsetter. Maybe you can get a sponsorship from Wrigley! (I jest. But I still love your fix!)

    1. Hahaha! 🙂

  2. Haha throughout the post I was wondering if it was sponsored or not. If you ever do get sponsorship, apparently now it’s like a law or something you have to disclose when links are affiliated and thus sponsored (not sure where to find out info on that, I just remember YHL or someone talking about it when that happened.) I’ve been meaning to get some of that suguru stuff to fix my boyfriend’s broken car key – it can’t hang on a keychain, a whole chunk of it broke off. I wonder if there’s a way to sand it into prettiness or something.

    1. Oh! Good point. If we ever do get a sponsorship I’ll be sure to look up the rules. Thanks for the tip! I hope you can fix your boyfriend’s key 🙂

  3. Hi Megan, yes you can sand Sugru to get a smoother finish – we’ve made some quick videos that show you how over here Oh and this will help with your bf’s car keys 🙂

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