Last week and an addition to the firehouse (4 more paws!)

Last week was one for the history books. And I’m glad that it’s finally history. It was a rough one.

Let’s start with the good stuff. The highlight by far was bringing a new addition to the firehouse. Meet Hank!


When we moved into the firehouse (after a few cocktails one evening) we got it into our head that with so much space we could totally handle another dog. Mojo is AHmazing, but sadly she won’t be with us forever. She has always been great with other dogs and puppies so we reasoned that we should get another dog (Great Dane was an easy decision) while she was still around to help an maybe instill some of her good qualities. Plus we figured having a playmate would keep her active.


Thus far she isn’t quite sure how to handle Hank. We think the size difference is making her leery of any sort of playing. Mostly she tries to sleep on a different bed than him, even if it means wedging herself into his puppy-sized bed. He’s doing his best to play with her, but is appeased with the million toys we’ve pulled out from her younger days.


He is absolutely adorable, which totally makes  up for all of the pee I’ve cleaned off the floor. But seriously, he’s really smart and already doing great in the kennel overnight.

Unfortunately, he (and we) walked into the most chaotic week we’ve ever shared as a married couple. I owe you SO many posts, but we started some of the contractor-fueled parts of the living room/dining room makeovers. First up was cutting holes for three new windows! Working through three layers of brick stirred up a lot of dust and a tear in the plastic + complete oversight at blocking the top of pole closet left our house a complete disaster. (In case you don’t know/remember the floors in the picture below are actually dark brown.)


When we filmed our House Hunters: Where Are They Now episode, they asked for any and all crazy renovation stories. The only one we could come up with (which I talk about briefly in the episode) was when the paint started melting off our studio walls. That was bad. This was so much worse.

Not only did we not see this coming, it totally ruined (albeit, temporarily) most of our second floor. I’ve talked about it briefly before, but I firmly believe the way we get through renovations is by creating a sanctuary. It’s any no-reno zone that we can retreat to. Usually it’s our living room and on Tuesday it was coated in a 1/16 inch of dust.

Our newly refinished guestroom actually took the brunt of the dirt. It was basically like the dust dancer from Adele’s Rolling in the Deep video… except with less dancing… and more tears. Basically it was horrific.We were both completely overwhelmed. And the dust wasn’t done. Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday created a cloud that really couldn’t be stopped even when we doubled down on plastic and tape. The stairwell, the kitchen, the guestroom, the outdoor patio and garage were all coated. Not to mention the scene of the crime – the living room/dining room.

We kept the upstairs living room at a tolerable level and opted to tackle the living room/dining room/construction zone ourselves on Sunday. For the rest, we called in reinforcements. Today (literal) angels  from Green Angels descended on the firehouse and restored peace and order. Over the course of a day, they cleaned nooks and crannys that would have taken us weeks to address. My kitchen has never been so clean. I keep noticing things they touched, places that sparkle and being amazed. And, for the first time in a week, we are both able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I owe you SO many posts (more puppy pics, plans and windows in the living/dining rooms, more pics of furniture in the guestroom now that is has been cleaned), but I wanted to drop in and document this moment, even if it’s only for us to look back on. We’re doing so many things (puppy, new windows) that will pay off over time. I want to be able to look back and say “That really sucked, but it was really worth it.”

  1. I can’t even imagine. When we had our floors redone at our old house, there was so much dust that years later we would still occasionally find some on the walls. And they cleaned! Ugh. I think I would have exploded from your tale. (Please say your camera equipment was secure from dust.)

    At least you have Hank. Puppy/doggie love cures (nearly) all.

    1. The studio was mostly untouched thanks to some actual doors blocking off the space. So the camera equipment was fine.

      It seriously made me twitchy to walk downstairs! Knowing I couldn’t do anything to fix it was driving me a little mad. I’m SO glad we opted to get some help.

      Doggie love is the best 🙂

  2. I could feel the panic in how you described the situation 🙁 My parents had a bad construction dust problem too, they ended up calling a firm that does “disaster cleaning” and had to make sure the all the ductwork was cleaned out–just something to think about, more might be lurking when you turn on the A/C heat, fans, etc. GOOD LUCK!!

    1. A few people suggested we look at a disaster recovery company. Thankfully the cleaning crew knew what they were walking into a did a great job! We weren’t running the HVAC at the time and we did make sure to turn it on before the cleaning crew arrived. There may be some residual dust still settling, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.

  3. Oh my. I thought the photo of the stair/floor was a pic of paper floor covering with paint foot-prints on it!
    As for Hank: more photos please. And then more. And then some more.
    My niece is a Dane dog-owner, and while I love the breed, it takes a special heart to take on something with such a short life-span. Kudos to you (and to her)…. they are such great dogs.
    Oh my god, I just scrolled back up. Hank 🙂

    1. Ha! The floor picture is the only one I can even show. The rest still make me so upset.

      Yes! Hank deserves his own post with lots more pictures. He’s a cutie!

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