KC River Market Antique Mall finds

Who needs a break? Our hands are raised! DIY-ing is tiring!

We’re not the best at slowing down or stopping, especially when we are mid project renovation. We only made it back to Kansas City to visit Aaron’s family once last year (for Christmas) and we heard about it from his grandma. To stay in Grandma E’s good graces, a spring trip to KC was a necessity. We lucked out with the weather and spent a few days eating at as many favorite spots as we could (Oklahoma Joe’s – yes I know the name changed – Extra Virgin and Nara topped the list) and doing a little shopping. We even convinced Aaron’s parents to join us for a little jaunt through the River Market Antique Mall, one of our favorites in the city. As usual it didn’t disappoint!


These sweet butter pat dishes were holding jewelry and that’s exactly what I had in mind for them. At $4 a piece it was an easy decision to grab two. I love the subtle floral patterns.

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The jewelry was actually what drew me to the case with the dishes originally. This bird necklace caught my eye. I love how simple it is. It’s the perfect piece to toss on with a casual dress (yay for being nearly dress season!) I scooped this up for $20.


Fun fact: Apparently my husband likes wood bowls. I’ve always been drawn to them, but this was the first time he’s picked one up and said, “Look at this!” This particular bowl is really cool, so I’m not surprised.

006rivermarketantiques 007rivermarketantiques 008rivermarketantiques

It has great lines and is in really good condition, although we may revive the wood just a bit. Plus it’s Dansk and was only $28!


The biggest score was this map.


I’m a pretty big map lover (as evidenced by a Pinterest board devoted exclusively to maps) so Aaron has to keep my collection in check. I appreciate that, because I do understand that logically one house only needs so many maps. This one caught his attention and when we opened it up the color scheme reminded us of a certain room we’ve been talking a lot about…

011rivermarketantiques012rivermarketantiques 013rivermarketantiques

It’s huge, measuring 42″ by 29″ AND it’s the “First Color Photomosaic of the 48 Contiguous United States” so there’s that. And that’s pretty cool.


We folded it back up and searched for a price. $10. TEN DOLLARS! Sold.

So those are the few trinkets we hauled across the state. I’m glad they were small because we had plenty of Ikea flat pack boxes (pieces destined for the captain’s suite closet) already stowed in the car. Have you scored any pieces lately, vintage or otherwise?

  1. That map is AMAZING!!

    1. I know, right! I’m excited to get it framed and up on the wall.

  2. Seriously, that map. Kudos. My favorite junk shop in our area is called (aptly) Junk, and they routinely have new (vintage) estate sale china of all varieties and patterns. My favorite find, though, was a Japanese China creamer and sugar bowl. They’re delicate, plain white with a silver edge detail, and in perfect condition. My hubby won’t agree to purchases that have no function (and we had no need for a true ‘sugar bowl’) so I use it as a salt cellar for kosher salt. It’s now his favorite $4 piece of ‘junk.’ (The creamer, I argued, will be handy for formal brunches, or for flowers as a mini vase. That seemed to soothe his practical mind.)

    1. Such a major score! We try to only purchase things that have function as well, but we’re not as strict about it. It sounds like you came up withe perfect solution for your sugar turned salt bowl!

  3. First of all – GREAT to meet you in person today! I love happenstances like that. I scored a Brownie Target Six-Twenty in excellent condition for a song, and a broken pocket watch because I want to do macro photography with it. Those were my birthday scores at the Big Bend antique malls!

    1. You too!! St Louis is such a small city sometimes, in a really great way 😀

      Nice scores and happy birthday! We’ve been on a run of weddings, which hasn’t left much time for shopping.

      1. Isn’t it though? Love STL… I really do.

        Thank you for the birthday wishes! Busy = good for the pocketbook, but isn’t it nice to get out and do some retail (or in our case, antique/deal) therapy?

        Whenever you have time, we should go shooting for fun!

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