Demo in the captain’s suite

With our expanded list of projects set for the captain’s suite, we got to work on a few items that needed to be checked off before we could paint. First up: Taking out the (really ugly) laminate floors.


Because the floor was floating, it was as easy as gently pulling the boards apart and then tossing them out the window. What? Is that not what you do at your (fire)house?


We’ve found this to be the fastest (and most fun) way to rid the second floor of construction debris. Of course, I head down later to collect everything and escort it to the dumpster. It still saves me from walking the stairs multiple times and helps contain the mess.

The concrete floor was just as we had hoped. It’s fairly textured from the former tiles and there are a few cracks, but nothing that would stop us from painting. Yay!


Meanwhile, Aaron patched some cracks in the plaster in the former bathroom. These are the before shots.

003captainsroomreno 004captainsroomreno 005captainsroomreno 006captainsroomreno

Then we got into the serious demo. Originally we thought I could take out the closet solo, like I did with the stage in the workout room (notes and embarrassing revelations at the end of this post if you missed it), but someone WAY over engineered this thing. So we resorted to messy TV-style destruction. Rare action shot!!

007captainsroomreno 008captainsroomreno

Aaron removed about 100 screws and we finally got all of the metal studs out.


We also wanted to spruce up the windows. The wood casings are original to the building, and they haven’t had the best life. I scraped the loose paint off and Aaron added new caulk before coating them in exterior paint, which will provide better moisture protection down the line.

010captainsroomreno 011captainsroomreno

Bye, bye blue.


As I mentioned, little bits of this room received “accent” paint, including some of the conduit running along the brick wall… insert annoyed emoji.



Replacing these pieces and the wiring would have been a huge hassle. So we decided to try stripping it. A wire brush and some elbow grease were all we needed.


Ok… a lot of elbow grease. This was a pretty good arm workout.


I did a little papering and taping in the former bathroom and then we were ready to paint!

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  1. “accent” paint hahahahahaha!! scrubbing the conduit makes it so beautiful.

    1. Hahaha! I know, right?


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