Trailer overhaul – Interior

(Get some background on our trailer project here and check out the first exterior post.)

Removing the kitchenette
Immediately after purchasing the trailer, we took advantage of being so far north (we bought it in Iowa) and made the relatively short drive to make our inaugural trip to Ikea. We wanted to pick up some material for the trailer, including a new counter top and flooring. We struck out on the floors, but took home a length of butcher block. Once we started work, we realized that the counter top couldn’t be removed from kitchenette. It was basically one solid piece. We didn’t want to remove ANOTHER piece of the trailer, but at this point we were all in. What’s one more project on top of all the other projects? Sure! Let’s build a new kitchenette from scratch.

001trailerinterior 002trailerinterior

Thankfully there was no water damage behind it.003trailerinterior


Interior walls
To replace the missing sections of wall, we opted for hardboard wall panels, because of the moisture resistant prefinished coating (on one side) and the flexibility of the panels.

004trailerinterior 005trailerinterior 006trailerinterior


Painting the walls
Everything got a good coat of primer and then many, many coats of white paint. Here’s the view looking in from the back.007trailerinterior


Looking in from the front.009trailerinterior


New flooring
Then it was time to lay the floors. We bought TrafficMaster Allure Commercial Plank, Modern Oak in Broadway. I have never loved a resilient vinyl tile more.010trailerinterior 011trailerinterior


New bed and benches
We ultimately decided to scrap the original wood for the bed/couch and dinette seating, opting to build new versions. This allowed us to raise the bed/couch in order to store (from left to right) a water tank, battery and HVAC beneath. 012trailerinterior

Everything will be accessible from above. The HVAC is meant to sit outside. It got a door so we can easily slide it out.


In the back, Aaron created new benches using the former ones as a guide.014trailerinterior


Wiring and lighting
The lighting also got an upgrade in the form of LED pucks and new sconces by the bed/couch. 015trailerinterior 016trailerinterior 017trailerinterior 018trailerinterior 019trailerinterior 020trailerinterior 021trailerinterior


  1. Looks soooo good! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

    1. Thanks, Megan!

  2. Wow! I’m impressed. I had no idea campers could be so chic. It’s turning into a road yacht, in the best way possible.

    1. Haha! Road yacht. I love that.

  3. Did you put the original skin on the unit after fixing it?

    1. No, we bought new metal and cut it to fit.

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