What to put on the walls?

It’s been unintentionally quiet around here because we dove head first into a dozen projects that have a hard deadline. Turns out HGTV can’t get enough of us and we’re scheduled to shoot a “House Hunters: Where are They Now?” episode next week tomorrow(!!!!) We’re so excited to share the updates to our space! (We hadn’t even moved in when they wrapped the original episode.) I don’t have any details on when it will air, but I’ll pass them along when I do.
We think we cobbled together a pretty manageable list of smaller projects to tackle before the cameras start rolling. High on the list: get some art up on the living room walls. We’ve been pondering art ever since we pulled this room together earlier this year. We’ve been browsing, pinning and even buying (we snagged a piece at the St Louis Art Fair earlier this month), but  we decided nothing was getting a home until we got our film scans back from our Pacific Northwest trip.
Those arrived last Monday and we sat down with a bottle of wine to make some tough choices about what we wanted to stare at on a daily basis. We started by pulling our favorites from the trip, a few fine art images we snapped while at weddings and a collection of redscale shots from a spring trip to Chicago, which we forgot about until we got the scans back. Discovering forgotten images is almost as good as finding money in your pocket (almost.)
There were 4 areas we hoped to fill
  • Second landing on the staircase
  • Long wall between the plant shelf and the TV
  • Behind the couch
  • Hallway
So here are the contenders:

001livingroomartoptions 002livingroomartoptions 003livingroomartoptions 004livingroomartoptions 005livingroomartoptions 006livingroomartoptions 007livingroomartoptions 008livingroomartoptions 009livingroomartoptions 010livingroomartoptions 011livingroomartoptions 012livingroomartoptions 013livingroomartoptions 014livingroomartoptions 015livingroomartoptions 016livingroomartoptions 017livingroomartoptions 018livingroomartoptions 019livingroomartoptions 020livingroomartoptions 021livingroomartoptions

Any guesses on what we chose and what went where? I’ll be back tomorrow with a breakdown of our choices.
  1. Dudes. For serious. There are a couple up there that I want to stare at all day long! And congrats on the follow up show! It’ll be fun to see the space in moving pictures. Something about the three dimensionality of film/video changes how spaces seem. Hooray for voyeurism!

  2. Ok…I’ve been quiet for a while now…momma wants some of those shots! You guys are amazing…enough said. Well, except that my birthday is coming up.

  3. All those trees remind me of nothing but Twilight…not to ruin them for you or anything but that is all I see.

    1. LOL! We said the same thing… although neither of us have watched Twilight 🙂

  4. Ahhh… I used to work in the building in the first two Chicago shots. Great lines, but I spent WAY too many hours there 🙂

    Let me know if any of these are for sale. Love the close-ups of the roots and rocks.

    1. Ha! That’s funny
      Will do! We are thinking about putting some of them on Etsy.

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