The front of the firehouse: Post clean up

Is there an award for longest time between “before” and “after” shots? If so, this project might win. Last summer, the front of the firehouse looked really, really sad. There were a lot of things to be embarrassed about, not the least of which was the half finished, tarped trailer and mismatched panels on the garage door. It was looking a little hoosier (not a good thing if you’re in Missouri). Oh, did I mention we met with prospective photography clients here? Yeah. No bueno.


So we embarked on a clean up job that started with moving the trailer.


We also removed a crappy sign, got new flags, painted the garage door (including a touch up job after a little snafu with the weather stripping), and updated some of the lighting. Then we promised “afters”… Nine months later we’re finally delivering!


It’s looking pretty fly up there, especially the bright red door and emerald green carpet of grass.


It looks just as good at night!


You can see how the new fixtures (and LED bulbs – which are working out fantastically here and in the studio) cast an awesome glow above and below.




There is still plenty to be done out here. Weed management, uplighting for the cor-ten fence, eliminating the “garden bed” around the mailbox. But we’re happy with how far it has come!

  1. If I were walking by in the neighborhood, I’d definitely stop and try to stare in your windows. You know, to see what kind of cool characters live in that cool house. Oh, and I’d totally hire you to photograph the mess out of me and my loved ones. Duh.

    1. Ha! Good thing the front windows (on the garage door) are tinted 😉

  2. Wow… that’s definitely great before and after! Congratulations on all that hard work paying off!!

    1. Thanks, Ann!

      1. Totally drove by your house on my way home tonight. I was driving down the street and I was like, hey, that looks familiar… WAIT… that IS familiar! Looks great ‘in person’ (from a car)!

        1. Thanks, Ann! Were you the in neighborhood for anything special?

          1. My art opening at the Sheldon. I went down the wrong street and surprise, there you were!!

  3. What a regal home! You must feel so badass pulling up to that thing!

    1. Badass indeed 😀

  4. What is the flag on the right-hand side?

    1. It’s the St Louis flag. You see them frequently around town and we liked the pop of color.

  5. Do you ever get people walking up to the house asking you to install their car seats or get their cats out of trees? How do people know its not actually a fire house?

    1. There’s actually a small sign on the left side of the building (near the door) that says “Private Residence.” But we have had many people mention that they thought the firehouse was still active. Thankfully we haven’t had any requests for emergency assistance… yet.

      1. well that’s good, could lead to an interesting situation 🙂

  6. Looks amazing! The curb appeal stuff is the worst to work on, so – bravo! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it? Your place is coming together too! You’re way ahead of us in the outdoor furniture department.

  7. The night shots are SO cool! The transformation is really amazing.

    1. Thanks! It looks very pretty out there at night 🙂

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