The current state of the yard

The thing about landscaping (or anything having to do with plants) is that the reward is not immediate. Being a very visual person, I always find this frustrating. So if you asked me what my least favorite project was over the past year, I would definitely say starting the yard. It was an entire weekend of hauling of trash and buckets full of bricks out of the yard, manually tilling some of the bare spots and laying expensive seed that didn’t take root. The whole time I told myself, “Someday this will be a gorgeous yard. This will all be worth it.” Well, someday got here a little sooner than we expected.

Let’s take it way back – to the only picture we have of the “yard” right after we purchased the lot.

It was blank canvas that didn’t stay that way for long thanks to the addition of a huge patio. The patio came with a side of jacked up dirt, which we shaped into a yard in the aforementioned weekend. After we procured the correct type of grass seed, Aaron gave it lots of water, 3 total rounds of grass seed and 4 rounds of fertilizer and weed killer.

Here’s the view from the back of the yard looking forward (before, during and now)




Near the patio stairs looking forward:




Front of the yard looking to the rear:




The concrete guys got a little overzealous with the bobcat so we had some work to do up front as well.




What a difference a year makes! We’re really happy with how the grass is coming along, especially in such a short time frame. The cor-ten fence is also rusting beautifully. The vision is finally coming together!

Is anyone else starting a yard from scratch? Or maybe taking over a yard that’s seen better days? Aaron got lots of yard rehab experience at our first house, which he’s putting to good use here.

  1. I know you hate the mulberry tree, but it really frames your yard so beautifully. It’s so lush and gorgeous I can almost smell the grass stains.

    1. It really does. 11 months out of the year I love that tree. Right now I honestly wish I could burn it to the ground. We spent way too much of our weekend trying to rid the area of rotting berries.

  2. I love this – some of my favorite before/after pictures so far.

    1. Thanks, Alice!

  3. I just watched your episode online and I went looking to see if there was anything on how far you have gotten. So glad you started this site. Cute name! I love what you have done. It looks amazing. The yard really looks good. How great was that , that you could buy the lot next door for your dog? I will be checking back once in awhile to see your progress. Congratulations on such a fun and amazing house. It seems to suit the two of you perfectly.

    1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet compliments. It’s been quite a whirlwind since we shot House Hunters. Getting the yard for Mojo was definitely key. She’s very happy, especially now that it is fenced in 🙂

  4. Your lawn looks way better than ours. Gardening does require patience. You should definitely plant stuff that comes back automatically – for more returns with less effort. I love those plants that keep coming back!

    1. Low maintenance plants are definitely our jam!

  5. Wow! Your yard rebounded so fast! Ours was horribly neglected and it took 3-4 years to look better but i have a feeling you put way more effort into yours 😉 It looks amazing- especially with that sexy fence!

    1. We’re kind of amazed at how fast it came together. Aaron put a ton of work into it, but he has been really happy with the grass seed he bought (Pennington is the brand name). You might try whatever their blend is for your area.

  6. Wow, the yard is lovely – the grass is really coming in nicely!

    1. Thanks!

  7. What is the wood fencing material made of? I absolutely love the transformation! Stunning.

    1. THanks, Shay! It’s a wood called ipe.

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