Oil that wood

Lest you think we’ve turned this site into something X rated, I’ll jump straight to the point. In my excitement to share the ipe portion of fence, I neglected to wait until the wood had been oiled. (That’s why she said?)

Recently, we’ve been explaining ipe as “nature’s composite.” It’s weatherproof and insect resistant. If you leave it in it’s natural state, it will weather to a gorgeous silver color.

But! But if you oil it, it deepens the color of the wood to a rich tone. It brings out the grain of the wood. It also protects the wood from stains, from things like a metric ton of mulberries. (For those who don’t stalk us on the regular, the mulberry tree has been saved thanks to the electric company hacking down our other tree.)

Oiling the ipe also makes this never ending project OH so worth it.



Hello, baby! Come to mama!


Looks Ok.


What the what?


That wood seems nice.


OMG! Can we build everything out of ipe?


I can’t stop staring at it. As a bonus, unlike the rest of this project, applying the oil was a very quick process. I rolled both sides and Aaron followed up with  brush to get closer to the posts. The other side turned out just as beautiful, but we’re at the point in the year when it’s a poison ivy filled jungle over that wall, so I didn’t snap any pictures on that side.

  1. Sexy! Really nice with the steel, too. You guys are really doing that place up right.

    1. Thanks! We thought they would go together beautifully. I love how the ipe warms up the steel.

  2. Um, i’d like this as my floors in my house. Come to mama!

    1. OMG! I know, right?

  3. Whoa… ipe + oil = AMAZING. I’m jealous!

    Can you build everything out of ipe? 😉

    1. Seriously! I’m so glad Aaron had the foresight to buy some extra boards. Outdoor ipe furniture will be ours!… someday…

  4. Oh. It’s sexy. Ever get caught standing in the yard at night petting it?

  5. You know what… after having a thats what she said moment in the beginning, that comment isnt totally kosher….

    1. BUHAHAHAHA! It might be my favorite comment ever.

  6. Woww.. It looks soo pretty!! Y’all did a great job. 😀

    1. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Lisa!

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