One year ago we made the craziest decision of our lives

One year ago we signed a million pieces of paper and the firehouse officially became ours.

As with any anniversary, it’s amazing how long and how short one year can feel. The firehouse definitely feels like home, even though we still call it “the firehouse” (which entertains our realtor-turned-friend to no end.)

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The other night we mused about what life would be like if we hadn’t found this place. It was hard to imagine. Surely we’d be on the hunt to buy a live/work building, but now that we’ve found our dream space, it’s depressing to think about what we might have settled for. Thanks, firehouse, for coming into our lives at the right time.


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Looking back it’s been a whirlwind of a year. One year ago tomorrow, the crew from House Hunters arrived to shoot our episode. After that renovations were in full force, with Aaron and the contractor working to dramatically change the first floor (hello windows!) and exterior (looking at you, carport and patio). We spent more time than we expected outside, putting up (most of) a fence and upgrading the front of the firehouse.

The studio was a constant focus throughout the year. Although we’d hesitate to call it “done,” it’s by far the best looking space in the firehouse. When we finally got word that our House Hunters episode would air in mid-October, it was a mad dash to finish what we could and clean, clean, clean.

Oh, and we did all this while photography 20+ weddings (and engagement sessions, meeting with clients and doing all of the other things it takes to run a business.)

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Renovations slowed over the last three months as Aaron worked to deliver images to our fall wedding clients and we took a few moments to build a new bridal show booth.

A few cans of paint eeked the master bedroom (and a few other spaces) onto the “upgraded in the first year” list.

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Despite all of that progress and many more mini updates, it’s easy for us to focus on the (many, many) items on our giant to do list. At least for today (ok, who are we kidding, at least for this post) it’s nice to take a deep breath, pat ourselves on the back and marvel at what we’ve done in JUST 365 days.

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Thanks for taking this journey with us. Your comments (here, on Facebook, on Instagram and in real life) are always appreciated.

It’s been an awesome, crazy, life-altering year. One that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

  1. After finding you through the forums on YHL, I’ve been reading along silently, but enjoying every post! You make me wish I had a firehouse…or at least the vision to see how amazing an unconventional building can be as a home! Thanks for letting us follow along 🙂

    1. Thanks, Carol! I’m so glad you’re following along 🙂

  2. Happy fire-aversary! Congratulations. I can only imagine what you guys will accomplish in the next 365…

    1. Hahaha! Awesome.

  3. No way that’s a year already! Unbelievable. You’ve done such an amazing job and I stand truly in awe – this is so far off my list of skills. Love seeing how this place takes shape!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It’s hard to fathom. We’re hoping to tackle the kitchen sometime this next year and then I’m secretly hoping to bring some food content back to the web 🙂

  4. Your house is just crazy amazing. I’m obsessed with homes that “used to be” and have found new lives.

    1. Oh my! Same here. I’ll watch any episode of “you live in what” (or any derivative) 🙂

  5. Congrats on ya’lls first year there!! You’ve come so far. I can’t wait to see what changes this year will bring. : )

    1. Thanks, Christine! We’ve got a long list and we’re excited to get to work!

  6. Holy wow that is a lot accomplished in one year! I love watching the transformation and can imagine how fantastic it would be to live/work in such a space!

    Do you ever get people coming up to the door thinking you’re still a working fire station?

    1. It’s nice to look back at it all 🙂

      Actually, we don’t and I’m kind of surprised. It hasn’t been a working firehouse since the 60’s so perhaps it’s well known in the neighborhood?

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