Two steps forward, one step back

Sometimes this place feels like two steps forward, one step back. Such is the case with the paint on the front garage door. Just one day (ONE DAY!) after Aaron finished the paint job, he opened the door to do a little locker exchange and heard the door catch for a second. At the same time he thought ‘Uh oh. It might be sticking to the paint’ the guys waiting on the other side of the door gasped.

Despite opening the door after every coat, the paint on the bottom two panels stuck to the weather stripping on either side of the door, leaving the door like this:


The weather stripping pulled completely off.


Here’s the gap left behind when there is no weather stripping. Isn’t this fun and informative and way too much information about weather stripping?!





Ugh. Thankfully the weather stripping slipped back into place and Aaron added some construction adhesive to keep it there. We’re waiting for mother nature to get rid of the now humid weather so we can paint… again. Womp, womp.

We can’t be the only one plagued by diy hiccups. What’s your most recent (or most epic) home renovation fail?

  1. ACK! Not the beautiful red door! Boooo.

    1. I know, right 🙁

    1. It was not a happy day at the firehouse. We were SOOO close to having a space done…

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