Firehouse front cleanup 3.0

It’s hard to imagine, but when I go out of town on the occasional work trip, Aaron actually works HARDER.

I was out of town for a few days last week. His “wife’s away boredom drive” kicked in to over gear when the weather gods decided to bless us with unseasonably cool temperatures. He needed to work OUTSIDE and eschewed further progress on the viewing room for Operation Clean up the Front of the Firehouse: Painting and Flags Edition.

We actually bought the firehouse with a fully red(ish), poorly painted and slightly damaged garage door. A previous occupant managed to damage the door by (we assume) backing into it from the inside, leaving the bottom two panels dented and with broken rollers. The door didn’t actually work. We called in the pros for an inspection and they determined that the panels could be replaced. Can I get a “Woohoo” for avoiding the expense of a whole new door?

That’s how we got to the two-toned look that you may have noticed when we moved the trailer.


We also inherited a few flags that had seen better days.


This used to be a St Louis City flag.


Old Glory looks good here, but she was pretty faded.


Before painting, Aaron removed the flags so they wouldn’t whip into the fresh paint.



The door soaked up 4 coats of paint before it became shiny, monotone goodness.


We opted to stick with red, but wanted it to be brighter – much more “I AM A FIREHOUSE!” red. (Note: This is not the actual name of this color, but it should be. Please petition Porter Paints.)



Next up, let’s address this flag situation.







Bright, shiny and new:


More gratuitous flag pictures… (Thanks Mom and Dad for the housewarming gift!)





We’re marching down the list for this mini update!

  • Give the garage door a new coat of red paint so the new panels blend in with the old
  • Replace the flags
  • Replace the light fixtures on either side of the garage door <— Scheduled to be delivered this week!
  • Upgrade the bulbs in all the fixtures to LEDs <— Already in the works and it looks AHmazing. It’s only adding fire to the LED obsession.

In other news, if you’re jonesing for faster updates (like a peek at the outdoor LEDs in action) and behind the scenes pictures (read: way too many pictures of Mojo) we started up a Instagram account! Find us at afirepoleinthediningroom.

  1. It’s like that scene in Kinky Boots (if you haven’t seen it, watch it immediately) when Chiwetel Ejiofor is extolling the virtues of RED vs burgundy. Sexy garage door, you guys are rockin’. Mighty sexy.

    1. We have not seen that, but I’m intrigued…

  2. Looks good.

    1. Thanks!

  3. OK, that definitely should be the name of that shade of red. No doubt. Love the flags – and I’m dying to know what the one on the right is for? I’m sure I just proclaimed my ignorance to the entire world by asking, but seriously, what is it?

    I think your renovating bug may have bitten us…we are about to embark on a whole-house re-flooring project. No, we are not doing it ourselves. Pffft. Not gonna happen. But we have shopped around and found just the hard surfaces we want to get rid of this horrendous wall to wall carpet that we thought was a good idea when we bought the house. Seven years, three cats, two grownups, and a kid later? Ick. We are going to DIY the basement level, though.

    1. H, we can honorably have the US flag retired.
      D, love you guy

      1. The Eagle Scout aka Aaron already took care of it 🙂 Thanks!

    2. The flag on the right is a City of St Louis flag:
      Perhaps that’s not a thing in other cities?

      How exciting! Are you going to blog about it?

  4. Ooooh, I LOVE that shade of red you choose!

    1. Thanks!

  5. A little rouge makes all the difference! The door is poppin’!!

    1. Haha! Well said!

  6. […] back. Such is the case with the paint on the front garage door. Just one day (ONE DAY!) after Aaron finished the paint job, he opened the door to do a little locker exchange and heard the door catch for a second. At the […]

  7. What is the paint code? And brand? Thanks

    1. It’s Porter Paints, but I can’t remember the color and we have apparently lost our swatch book.

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