Covering the furnaces

Of course, this isn’t what our studio looks like anymore. It’s painted!!! (P.S. Thank you SO much for all the comments! It was fun to relive the OMG-it’s-SO-different moment over and over with you guys.) This is the best I can do for a “before.” We had a limited amount of time remaining with the scissor lift and a few more projects to scratch off before it left. One was this cover up.

The exposed furnaces left this space feeling a bit too much you’re-not-fooling-anyone-this-is-really-a-garage. They are also really loud! So we decided to box them in and create a small furnace room.

First, Aaron anchored a 2×4 frame to the concrete floor.



Then he added 2×4’s to the ceiling and wall with toggle bolts. These are not weight bearing because of the design of the building. Hollow glazed brick and plaster coated ceilings just can’t be trusted to hold up a 13′ furnace room.


Then he framed it just like any other wall… any other HUGE wall.


He added a door at the front. You can see the framing on the right side of the picture below, but it becomes much more apparent in a few images. Ultimately, this will be a seamless panel we can pull out when the furnaces need serviced



Next he covered the structure in OSB (plywood for those of us who don’t spend 66% of their lives at Home Depot.) He opted for this instead of drywall because it offered more stability to the structure.






He’s all done with the structural part, but it’s not finished.


Although we suddenly liked the warm wood when the entire space was painted white. We reconsidered several of our design choices, but 24 hours later we were back to our original plan. So the plywood will get covered, but you’ll have to wait for more details on that.

  1. I love how this place is coming together! I’m wondering if girls weeken should include a stop in the STL??

  2. Aaron makes it look SO easy. Now I am convinced that I CAN BUILD ACTUAL HUMONGOUS WALLS, which, when I think about it, is quite foolish indeed. Thanks a lot, Aaron, for these grand delusions.

  3. Go, Aaron. I really love how the studio looks – I can so see photo shoots happening in there! Can we come to your place for family pics???

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