Tarring the roof

We bought a firehouse with a leaky roof. It’s a typical story, I’m sure. Old firehouses turned community centers (we really need to give you a rundown on the firehouse’s history), turned residences, turned foreclosures just don’t get the regularly scheduled maintenance they deserve.

We had an inkling that there was a problem we toured the place. The brown spot on the ceiling tiles of the awesome bathroom was a clear sign that something bad was lurking in the rafters. I recall a baseball-sized opening that let in light on sunny days and became a waterfall during rainstorms. Aaron assures me that water was simply leaking through a bad seam. Who’s to say, really? The point of the story is that we added a layer of hot tar to the roof, which should give us 4 to 7 leak-free years.








Inky, rain-repelling goodness…

This was not something we wanted to DIY and looking at these pictures makes me so glad that we called in the professionals. Me + hot tar = disaster waiting to happen. Has anyone out there worked on a roof – tar-covered or otherwise?

  1. How very Shawshank Redemption of you… I would have had buckets of beer to offer said professionals. That would have been my DIY – drink it yourself – approach. (Though I do remember my grandfather tarring my dad’s driveway when we were little. Hardly the same thing, I imagine.)

    1. Great reference! We did not offer buckets of beer, although I’m fairly sure that these men were not convicted criminals… fairly…

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