This week at the firehouse – 4/19

This week was full of water woes.

  • We started off the week by sneaking away to Kansas City for a little R, R & E (Rest, Royals and Eating – most notably this, this and Aaron’s mom’s cooking).
  • Of course we felt a bit guilty and high tailed it home on Sunday to get a few hours of work in. Power washing the walls was on the list. Sadly, it didn’t make a dent in the years old grunge on the wall. It took labels off the new conduit, but not the caked on dust! This was the start of the water woes and required Aaron to wipe down the walls BY HAND.
  • We also realized that the sump pump was broken. Not a big deal… until later in the week.
  • The primer went up on Tuesday and Aaron channeled some sort of freaky clown, super hero, alter ego:


  • Wednesday he painted, which should have been a massive achievement, but the paint didn’t dry… like 6 hours after application it was still completely wet. Turns out it was far too humid, especially in the studio, and we spent a very frustrating night as our paint sagged off the wall. Water woe #2.
  • Thursday we decided on a paint-drip-mitigation strategy, which involved a toothbrush and some tedious labor for Aaron. The paint STILL isn’t completely dry. Maybe by next Thursday…
  • Water woe #3 reared it’s head on Thursday when the non-working sump pump and full drains nearly caused a flood in the basement. Luckily Aaron checked the basement in the nick of time, used a bucket to buy himself some time and hightailed it to Home Depot to grab the parts he needed. Crisis averted, but not without a little extra stress.
  • Oh and Aaron met the previous firehouse owner. That deserves it’s own post!

I’m officially declaring this week over. The water woes stop here! Next week has to be better… or at least drier.

  1. Hub wants to know why Aaron’s face is painted in that pattern…

    Gotta hear about meeting the previous owner…good? bad?

    1. He had a respirator on, but no real eye protection. The painting suit had a hood, but apparently it was way too hot.

      Meeting the previous owner was surprisingly good!

  2. Sounds like last week was pretty un-fun for everyone. Can you run a de-humidifier to help with the paint situation? And, while I haven’t met you in real life, if I saw Aaron like that… like, if he decided to say, answer the door like that, perhaps just as school was letting out across the street… yeah, I might make a call or two to make sure he wasn’t an actual lunatic. In other words, that picture’s a keeper.

    1. Miraculously, the paint was dry – completely dry everywhere – on Friday morning. I think it’s good blog juju.

      OMG! Seriously! 🙂

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