This week at the firehouse – 3/15

The week started out with a bit of a stutter step, but by Tuesday we had some exciting progress! Actually, there’s been so much progress, that I’m sure I’m missing things. I’ll be sure you to catch you up in next week’s edition.

  • Sunday we planned a quick trip to the firehouse to check on the roof. We were scheduled to get a new roof on Saturday, but we figured the rainy morning weather may have halted that plan. Sure enough, the roof had not been tackled, but that wasn’t our biggest problem. We also peeked in the covered-but-not-totally-done vintage camping trailer that Aaron is restoring (more details on that project here) only to discover that the cover we bought basically doesn’t do anything. Cut to us driving to Home Depot to get a tarp, rope and paper towels. This is the second time we’ve driven to the firehouse expecting to have to clean up water and brough ZERO supplies with us. 🙁 ninety minutes later, we were pretty soggy, but the trailer was much less so.
  • The week kicked off with an unhappy surprise: most of the new windows were made to the wrong size (3″ too short). The factory is rushing new ones, and the whole process will be delayed a week. The contractors discovered the error after removing the brick in one of the kitchen windows, so now that is boarded up. Good thing the weather is starting to be a bit warmer.
  • On the plus side, the concrete contractor started framing on Monday and was actually pouring concrete by the end of the week. Bye bye old asphalt! Hello new patio and parking pad!


  • A new layer of tar was added to the roof on Tuesday!
  • Aaron finished prepping the studio side of the massive wall that separates our living and work space. The shoddy drywall work we inherited has been perfected with layers of mud and lots of sanding. That wall is officially ready for paint.
  • I forgot to mention last week that two windows were installed in the studio! The change is dramatic and I’m saving pictures for a dedicated post.
  • We also received our new fridge last week, but it’s still on the studio side because the doors need removed to get it through the entryway and the delivery company didn’t realize they had to put it in place. Aaron has been working with them to reschedule, and hopefully by the end of the day it will be in place and running because tomorrow we’re MOVING! Yep, this week’s ‘this week at the firehouse’ is a little early because tomorrow we’re cramming all of our possessions into the work zone that is the firehouse. Wish us luck!
  1. WOW! I didnt realize all that stuff happened last weekend/this week. Ivy took up all the conversation – SORRY! Sounds like things are progressing quickly and I loved getting a “sneak peak” last week. Good luck moving! MOVE.THAT.BUS. (figuratively and literally) 🙂

    1. Cute puppies are always welcome to dominate a conversation.
      Hahaha! I love the bus comment.

  2. I can’t believe you’re moving in already! WOW!

    1. You’re not the only one. We’re both still reeling a bit. It all feels kind of surreal.

  3. Have you guys taken time to actually go down the POLE yet?

    1. Ha! Not yet. It needs to be better attached at the top and bottom. For some reason, that hasn’t made it to the top of our to do list 🙂

    2. When securing the pole please remember that you have a grandma who wants to try it! (Haha tongue in cheek). Though I’m kind of afraid that she is serious!

      1. I’m very afraid that she is serious. Maybe if we put every single pillow at the bottom of the pole???

  4. Please post pictures when you finally use the pole. 🙂

    1. That probably deserves a video post 😉

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