I know you’re here for pictures, but knowing the lay of the land and what we call some of our rooms will be very helpful as you follow along on our journey.

Back here (the space not on the floorplan) is currently a chunk of asphalt. You can enter the firehouse through the kitchen, which is pretty closed off. It connects to the dining room, which is open to the living room. From here you have options, you can head downstairs to the basement (on the left of the floorplan), into the former firetruck garage which will henceforth be known as the studio, or up the stairs (top right on the floorplan) to the second floor). The studio has a door near the front (and a big garage door that needs some work) and what we’re calling a “mechanical room.”



When you head upstairs, you enter the upstairs living room. The Captain’s bedroom is the first bedroom and includes a small bathroom and the top of the fire pole. Further down the living room you can enter the community bathroom or head into a hall. The hall leads to a big bedroom (future workout room/guest room) and laundry room (on the left of the floorplan) and the fourth “bedroom” that doesn’t even have a window. Straight ahead is the master suite, which includes two closets and a full bathroom.



The basement, which is wide open save for some support columns, doesn’t have a floorplan yet because we didn’t take any measurements. Rest assured, we have plenty of plans for that space and we’ll fill you in as we go.

So that’s the layout. Got it? Great. Pop back later this week and I’ll show you around the first floor.

  1. So clarify for me – these are existing rooms? Or the rooms you intend to put in place?

    1. These are existing. The only thing changing right now are the names (like “garage” to “studio”) Make sense?

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  3. Got it – so this has been a home already? Not directly from fire house to you.

    1. Exactly. A fire fighter and his family owned it and put a lot of work into making it more like a single family home, especially upstairs. They don’t have the same aesthetics as we do, so we’ll change a lot of things. But it’s totally livable as is.

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  5. […] have a floor plan, but we’ve heard that it’s hard to really understand the firehouse until you walk in. […]

  6. Just saw House Hunters and was very interested to see how the fire house turned out! Do you have after pictures?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. We’ve done the most work in the studio. Feel free to check out the studio category to get a feel for what we’ve done.

  7. I saw your before/after on apartment therapy the other night, and had to stop by to say that I think your place is super awesome. And to say I watch hgtv all the time, and have no idea I missed a house hunters ep. right in my own town. And I’m totally jealous. I wish something like this would have been available when my wife and I were hunting.

    Also, and this may sound strange, being unsolicited and from a total stranger, but if you are in need of design ideas and/or want a to-scale, computer generated floor plan, I am an interior designer by day (and night) and would be more than happy to offer my services, free o’ charge. I promise I’m not crazy, or a stalker, or anything like that. I currently work in a less than designs type job, and need some sort of creative outlet. Even if it’s just drawing a floor plan, or talking about room layouts.

    And seriously, love the place – happy to see something like this scope up and appreciated, and not just left to rot and fall apart.

    1. Thanks for your comments! We’ll try and let everyone know when our House Hunters episode airs again so you can catch it. We looked at a few cool properties in St Louis, but the firehouse was by far the coolest.

      We appreciate the offer. At the moment we’re getting by without floor plans, but I’ve toyed with the idea of making some just so we have them. I’ll let you know if the urge kicks up again. I totally understand working a 9-to-5 that’s outside of a creative field. I just got back into a marketing role and it feels so good!

      1. Your episode is now on Netflix! Just thought you might like to know.

        1. Ha! Thanks, Jennifer, and welcome. We heard that our episode was up on Netflix. It’s kind of weird… to say we’re on Netflix. #notgoodatbeingfamous 😉

  8. I caught the tailend of the House Hunters episode and was happy you picked the Fire Hall. What a great adventure, I look forward to watching you change it to your home and studio.

    1. Thanks, Jake!

  9. So, if it’s OK to ask some (maybe?) personal questions?

    Did HGTV contact you? Or, the other way around?

    We are SERIOUSLY going to document our conversion! I’m sooo hooked on HGTV, and have often wondered how one has their project showcased.

    1. Sorry, just read your section on the show! Very interesting. And, good to know about not having them come and do any of the work. Shoddy work is our biggest concern.

      1. It’s different depending on what show you do, but House Hunters doesn’t cover any renovation. We can chat more via email. 🙂

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