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Floorplans – Get the lay of the land

The studio (the former garage for the fire trucks) takes up most of our first floor. A large wall and door separates this space from our kitchen, half bath and (future) living and dining rooms.



Entry cube


Future living room


Future dining room





Half bath


The second floor is all living space: upstairs living room, master suite, 3ish bedrooms, awesome bathroom and laundry room.

Upstairs living room


Captain’s bedroom


Awesome bathroom


Workout room


4th “bedroom”


Laundry room


Master bedroom and bath




We also have a basement that has a workshop (below), storage and space we’re saving for a wine cellar.


We have spent a lot of time working on our outdoor space, including buying the vacant lot next to us to make a yard and wrapping our carport in ipe to make a garage and outfitting our courtyard.







Courtyard at night






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    • Heather

      Thanks! Your space looks awesome as well! We would have considered a church. Did you buy it already renovated or did you get it when it was still totally a church?

  4. Shon

    Hello Heather! I found your blog from a friend of yours that you use to work with: Char Norman!

    We are in the process of buying a building here in KC in the Columbus Park area. We would LOVE to pick your brain on things you’ve learned along your journey, if you wouldn’t mind! We looked at old Firehouses here in KC, and there just aren’t that many here, available, anymore. We found that looked pretty good, but, it was right next door to a Church’s Chicken Drive-thru in the inner city. GAAH! πŸ˜€

    We haven’t closed on our deal, yet. So, I don’t wanna jinx us. Regardless, if we don’t do this building, we’ll be doing some other one! We’re very excited!

    • Heather

      I’m so glad Char pointed you in our direction. We would be happy to chat. Sending us an email through our contact form would probably be the best way. We would love to see what building you buy πŸ™‚

  5. Faith

    Thank you so much for blogging about all the work you’ve put into the firehouse. I just finished watching your episode of House Hunters and as soon as it was over I began searching the Internet to try to find you guys because I knew I had to see how you were transforming it. You are making into such a beautiful space, I’m absolutely obsessed.

  6. Crystal

    Your episode of “House Hunters” is now on Netflix and I just saw it! You’re the only house I wanted to continue to learn more about and it was awesome to see some of the work you have done since the airing of the episode. What an incredible space! Thank you for continuing to share the updates and renovation–very cool!

    • Carol

      Same here! Just watched the episode on netflix and was so excited to see your updates!! I especially love how you got the lot next to you all fixed up for your dog. It looks awesome! And all the white paint in that room is cool! You guys are creative and talented!!

      • Heather

        Thanks, Carol. We all LOVE the yard. We have actually spent more time working on that space that I ever thought. It’s an awesome oasis!

        • Uri

          Congratulations guys, you did a terrific job!
          Love the renovations, but I was wondering what is behind the wall in the bedroom, just in front of the brick wall.

          • Heather

            We have walk in closets on either side of the bedroom. It’s not a design I would choose, especially because it’s blocking a window on one side, but ti works for now.

  7. Sydney

    So awesome! Your House Hunters episode made me want to move to St. Louis! Such a cool space and you guys are doing an amazing job with the reno. I cant wait for you to get your dream kitchen.

  8. Erica

    So, just like others, I too just finished watching your episode of House Hunters on Netflix. I had to look you guys up to see progress and it looks absolutely amazing! Great job!

  9. Carissa

    I’m another person who just watched the episode on Netflix and was wondering how the progress was coming. Needless to say I was delighted to find your blog! Great job on all the progress you’ve already made. The blog has been added to my reader in order to keep up with future projects.

  10. sophia nguyen

    I think you guys should start a kickstarter project to fund one of the rooms. I’m with Carol on this one – I watch lots of house hunter episodes, but you guys are the first ones I ever tried to look up after. The fascination is real, and I enjoyed seeing how far you’ve come. I’m sure other people are just as fascinated, or would be after hearing your story, and if people can get excited about donating money for coolers that double as speakers I’m sure they could be excited about donating money to see a major transformation of a unique home.

    Anyway, I love the rooms that you have so far!

    • Heather

      Welcome! I’m so glad you found us!
      Ha! I’m not sure a kickstarter campaign is our style, but I promise we’ll keep posting about the changes as long as it takes to complete this place. We added some windows in the downstairs and I can’t wait to get the images on the blog!

  11. Diana

    Wow, you guys are an inspiration! Watched the episode on House Hunters and I just HAD to look you up! Love your photography, love your design style and love your talent. I can’t wait to see the final result of the firehouse and continue to see the photography work you do. Do you guys have an Instagram? I would love to follow you guys! Mine is @senoritadianita . Continue the great work! Best wishes πŸ™‚

    • Heather

      Thanks for the kind words, Diana! We are on Instagram @afirepoleinthediningroom It’s part firehouse reno, part random live stuff, and a LARGE part great dane pictures πŸ˜‰

  12. Lindsey

    This is truly amazing… I just watched your episode on House Hunters and was thrilled when you guys picked the firehouse! I instantly Googled you guys to hopefully see how the renovation was coming! The vision you both have for this amazing space is inspirational to say the least. I cannot wait to continue to watch the progress on your firehouse! Best of luck with the rest of your projects! πŸ™‚

  13. Brian Hoffmann

    Glad you chose the firehouse. Wish I had the guts like you two have to take on such an imposing amount of space. I can’t imagine the cooling and heating bill. Will keep watching for updates on your project and maybe some pics of the RV would be cool. Cheers.

  14. Amina

    You guys are amazingly brilliant! I just saw your episode and left off thinking, “These people are nuts.” So when the show was over, I had to look it up. I could not believe my eyes! Very impressive. Not everyone can recognize the potential in a place like that, let alone have the ability to re-purpose the space so elegantly, as you have done.

  15. Joe

    Just saw you on Netflix and was very interested to see if you guys actually stuck with it. Since you own a business, I figured you’d have a website….so glad to see you are posting updates. You’re doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work!
    PS. The studio is awesome!

  16. Ariel

    Just saw your episode on Netflix and right away I wanted to see the renovations. Your studio looks amazing and I can’t wait to keep up with this page to eventually see the completed house. Great job so far!

  17. Anastacia

    Just saw your House Hunters episode on Netflix! This is the only property I felt completely compelled to look for a follow up on. Amazing job!

  18. Rachel

    Like the others, just saw your episode on House Hunters on Netflix. I immediately Googled and am impressed with what you guys have done!

    I really thought you guys maybe took on more than you could chew (or, at least, more than I could!) so I’m happy to see you are still at the firehouse! Never-ending project list and y’all must have an extra helping of patience.

    The yard looks great! Seriously, you guys. I just can’t believe it how it’s coming together… oofda. Good job!

    • Heather

      Haha! I’m sure you weren’t the only one who had that reaction… heck, I’ve had that reaction too. There was definitely a moment on camera where I stressed out about ALL OF THE WORK that needed to be done here. Thankfully, that didn’t make it into the final cut for the episode. You’re right. Our list is insanely long. We just try and plug away at one project at a time. It’s kind of amazing how far some areas (like the yard) have come. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some encouragement!

  19. Victoria

    I just watched your episode on Nexflix. It might just be my favorite House Hunters episode. You guys were hilarious and so honest. Thank you for posting all your updates on the firehouse. It is great to see how hard work and a creative vision can transform a space.

    • Heather

      Thanks, Victoria! We had a great time making the episode and really tried to let our personalities come through. We were happy with how it all turned out πŸ™‚

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