The trailer is DONE!

Stick a fork in the trailer because it is D O N E, done! After three long years, we finally launched the maiden voyage this weekend!


If you haven’t been keeping on the saga, feel free to check out the background on our trailer project here and a few posts showing some of the rehab: exterior 1, exterior 2 and interior.

Aaron spent a good chunk of the winter finalizing the trailer… and we meant to blog about it but the love for the project was just gone. So instead of a bunch of detailed posts, jumping right to some amazing afters and a few before shots for reference. Although, it’s almost unfair to call them before and after shots because Aaron literally rebuilt this thing from the ground up. That man… he’s the best. Here’s the trailer the first day we towed it home.


And now!


The exterior, which was only supposed to get cosmetic updates, received a complete overhaul. I tried to list all of the changes, but I fell asleep reading it. It might be easier to point out the things that we kept… and even those were touched in some way. The result? A shape that is true to the original, but glowing white and sparkling clean.

002traileroverhaul 003traileroverhaul 004traileroverhaul 005traileroverhaul

Here’s another good comparison (I wish I had more, but I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of the original.) The trailer from behind – then




The back got a streamlined look buy dropping the tail lights to the new (goregous) custom walnut bumper.

007traileroverhaul 008traileroverhaul 009traileroverhaul 010traileroverhaul

Can we stop for a minute and talk about that door?


The original plan was to paint a replacement door we purchased, but a little inspiration from Vintage Revival’s trailer (aka the Nugget) convinced Aaron to build his own. It’s a custom hollow core door finished with walnut plywood. It is gorgeous, and one of my favorite things on the trailer. Hubba hubba!


Inside the trailer we kept the functional areas and layout the same, except everything got a coat of white paint (duh) and new curtains. To the right of the door is the main sleeping bed, which folds up into a futon-like seating area. We removed the upper bunk and replaced it with a smaller luggage rack. The bed itself is a tight fit – measuring just wider than a twin size, but less than a full. We ended up discovering that a mattress meant for a tractor trailer cab would be a perfect fit.


Straight ahead of the door is the kitchenette, which started out looking like this.


And now looks like this!


Aaron rebuilt the bottom cabinet and added a butcher block countertop, a new fridge and a new stove top. The backsplash is tiled with metal subway tile.

To the left of the kitchenette is a dining area. The table folds down and the cushions spread out to create another sleeping area.


We ordered new custom cushions, painted the table top and rebuilt the benches after laying the new floor.


Here’s a wider shot from the front of the trailer looking to the rear. The TV is mounted so we can watch from the futon.


To the left of the dining area is a large pantry that has a TON of storage space.


Here’s the view looking from the dining area toward the front of the trailer.


So that’s it! Inside and out it’s a new trailer. It even (mostly) survived the inaugural trip (we have to replace or add a few trim pieces) and towed like a champ.


It feels amazing to finally mark this project off the list and have the hotel room on wheels that we wanted.