See us on House Hunters tonight and a drinking game (because why not?)

Is your DVR ready? We make our big TV debut tonight at 9 pm CST on HGTV’s House Hunters!


We just finished the first 4 days of shooting (Note: I really did write this hours after wrapping our shoot. It’s like a blast from the past!) and our awesome sound guy (Hi Ken!) mentioned that there is a House Hunters Drinking Game. Why have I never heard of this?! I waited until we were wrapped to look it up and because we don’t harp on any of the normal things (double sinks in the master bathroom, the necessity of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, closet space that is only large enough for the wife), I thought I should make our own version.

Keep in mind that I have no idea what pieces of the 40+ hours will make it into the less than 30 minute show. I can’t be held accountable for any drunkness (or lack thereof) that results. Just to be safe, go ahead and designate a driver.

1 drink
We utter any of the following: natural light, industrial, brick.
I seem concerned about the number of projects at the firehouse.
Anyone (narrator included) references the vintage camper/trailer that Aaron is restoring.
Aaron points out the electrical or HVAC systems (or the lack thereof)
I open something (like a cabinet, drawer or door).
We mention repainting a particular room or space.
Mojo makes an appearance.

2 drinks
Our realtor, Ted, makes a design suggestion that goes against our style.
Aaron steps into a bathtub or shower.
Anyone references a rain shower as one of Aaron’s wish list items.
Anyone references our desire for a wine cellar.

3 drinks
Aaron notices glitter wall paint.
I call something ugly or suburban.
We mention getting a drink after doing a tour.
Anyone refers to us as hipsters*

*Ok, I did add one thing to the original draft. Aaron is a little miffed that they referred to us as hipsters in the online description of the show. He demanded (not joking) that I add this prompt and put it at the 3 drink level. I think it’s just a good excuse for him to take an extra swig (or 3) anytime the H word is mentioned.

Cheers to our 15-ish minutes of “fame” Hopefully we’re not all nursing a hangover tomorrow.

We’re going to be on House Hunters!

You have no idea how hard it is for me to keep a secret. I can barely contain myself when I buy a gift for Aaron at Christmas. It’s ridiculous. So I’m letting out a huge sigh of relief that I can finally tell you that we’re going to be on House Hunters! We’ve been keeping this bit of news from the interwebs since February! (February!!!!)

It’s time to bring you up to speed, but before I launch into some behind-the-scenes details – go set your DVR for October 15th at 9 pm CST.


All set? Great. If you’re anything like the people we’ve told in person, your mind is abuzz with questions. I’m tackling the most popular below, but if you have extras toss them in the comments.

How did you get on the show?
We applied on a whim through the Pie Town Production web site. It took a few weeks, but eventually a production assistant emailed us for more details. We exchanged a few emails and then went through two phone interviews. We covered a lot of the information they need for the show. Why were we looking to buy a place? What did we want in our dream space? What did we not want? Etc, etc.

Once we crossed those hurdles we had to tape a video interview. It basically contained the same type of questions and then we each had to tour an area of our current residence. We assume the goal is to make sure we can act like normal humans when a video camera is pointed our way. Our realtor also had to make a short video (presumably for the same reason). From there it came down to scheduling!


Did they tell you what to say?
No. In fact, our producer wanted things to be as natural as possible. She wouldn’t even let us walk through the alternate properties until we were on camera.

Do you get makeup/hair/wardrobe assistance?
They provide a list of guidelines, mostly for clothes, but you’re on your own in the hair and makeup department. Occasionally, Darby (our producer) would powder us if we were looking a bit shiny. They also vetoed clothing that wouldn’t look good on camera (I couldn’t wear my favorite coat, which sucked because I wore my coat a lot) and anything that came close to copyrighted art (Aaron had to change when he chose a T-shirt with a camera on it).


How did they choose the other properties for you to look at?
The producers worked with our realtor to find the alternate properties. They can be places you’ve looked at during your hunt or places that are new to you but fit your criteria. In our case they wanted to find really alternative spaces for us. This is incredibly hard in the Midwest, which is why we JUMPED on the firehouse. On the third day of filming we were supposed to tour a church. Our producer asked us to preview it and the place needed SO much work. It was just the sanctuary so it didn’t even have a kitchen or bathroom. Plus the roof was leaking so bad that the plaster was literally melting off the walls. We didn’t think anyone would believe it was actually an option so it was scraped.


Did you get paid?
Yes, $500. But we weren’t in it for the money.

Do you get to preview the episode before it airs?
Nope. We’ll see it along with everyone else. We also don’t know which order the houses will be shown in, but we think the firehouse will be number 3. Since you obviously know which one we’ll choose, I think you should use this to your advantage and bet your spouse $5 (or more. Go big, right?) that we’ll choose the firehouse before it’s revealed. You can thank me later.


Three cheers to scamming people out of money! And three cheers to being on TV! (But seriously, I’m going to have to have a drink… or 3 before I can watch myself on national TV.) In the meantime, hit us up with your other questions and we’ll answer what we can.