Trim (and how the smallest update can make such a bit impact)

Ripping out the laminate floor saved us the hassle and expense of installing baseboards throughout the room, but one area still needed a bit of trim. The original construction of the second floor included a plaster coating over the brick walls. That remains in many of the rooms, but in the bedrooms a previous owner decided to expose the brick. We love the look, but in true “WHY didn’t they finish anything?!” form, they, well… didn’t finish the job. The dark green strip at the bottom of brick wall is actually a lip that the plaster sat on. It’s not very offensive from here, but let’s get a closeup.



We like the industrial look, but this is just unfinished yuck. The lip was filled with debris and exciting things like a pen cap and 11 cents.

So we decided to cap it off. First Aaron used construction adhesive to apply 1 x 2″ strips of wood to the base of the trim. This gave him something to attached the finished pieces to. Then he built two-sided trim to box it in.

003captainsroomtrim 004captainsroomtrim 005captainsroomtrim

He nailed it to the strips and caulked the edges for a seamless look.

006captainsroomtrim 007captainsroomtrim 008captainsroomtrim

He finished it off with a few coats of the floor paint.

009captainsroomtrim 010captainsroomtrim 011captainsroomtrim

This has made a huge difference in the room, but it’s more from a standpoint of NOT noticing something. Instead of focusing on the gross, dusty strip against the wall, your brain has more space to appreciate the emerald walls (which I might love more with each passing day) and the awesome brick.