Firehouse B&B now open

Just kidding. We’re not really starting a bed and breakfast. The last thing we need is another business venture… or random people wandering about our house construction zone. But friends and family should be happy to know that we have a legitimate place for them to spend the night!


The captain’s bedroom has long been a dumping ground for excess furniture and all sorts of miscellaneous decor that doesn’t have a home yet. That was bound to change when we found a bed for the room. As usual, our hearts were set on something vintage, but we were stuck on having a queen size – for comfort for our guests and because I didn’t want to manage multiple sizes of sheets (our bed is a queen).

We looked all over St Louis for a vintage, queen size frame, even making a last minute search through the antique peddlers in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. Nada. Where are all the mid century queen bed frames?


So we settled for a Trysil frame from Ikea. The clean lines, dark tone and price won us over. It’s a good for now (… ok, let’s be real, for a few years) solution.

We were already headed to Ikea to check out some kitchen cabinet options and pick up a mattress. We got the Sultan Finnvik (which I’m not seeing online). It seemed like a good guestroom option, and the price was better than we expected thanks to an Ikea family discount. A mattress cover, duvet, duvet cover, pillows and pillow cases rounded out the bedding situation.


The room is by no means perfect. There’s still excess furniture and bar paraphenalia (which we have plans for) on either side of the room, but it looks a lot more orderly. And can we not talk about the electric orange and bright blue paint, lack of baseboards, roof caps on the HVAC pipes and lack of overhead lighting?



There are some vignettes in the room that make me very happy, like this vintage typewriter cart topped with photography books and a plant.



We wanted to add some color with the bedding, but we’re a long way from properly styling this room (see: electric orange paint). The blue and white striped Nyponros duvet set seemed like a great option. Plus those buttons!


The legs on the Trysil frame make it feel substantial and airy at the same time.


Hey cool, vintage lamp! Where have you been hiding? Oh… in this room… that’s right.


And this air plant (a sweet housewarming gift from a friend who has great taste in nurseries) has a more permanent home.


I’m not hating that I have a place to store some of our random books and one of the many pots we got on the same Ikea trip.


What makes me happiest is the new view from the living room.


I realized that this is our first real guest bed. We jettisoned a futon (it had a thick mattress so it was actually comfortable) when we downsized and moved across the state. I have to say this inviting view is making me want to jump into that bed for a late afternoon nap…

Since it is our first, always made guest bed, let me ask a really dumb question. Do you wash the sheets before guests come? I’m worried they won’t be fresh if they stay on the bed with no use for months.