Tour – First floor

Now that you have a lay of the land, let’s get into the good stuff: pictures!

This is your view as you step into the studio space and look left. It’s around 1,700 square feet of open real estate. We have plans for a workspace for Aaron, a meeting space for clients, workspace for me and a conference table. First we’ll have to fix a myriad of holes, hang new lighting and give everything a coat of white paint.


Look to your right and you’ll see the garage door and the mechanical room. Nothing too interesting over here. The mech room will likely be converted to storage.


Looking back into the space from the living side.


A small entryway separates the two spaces. The drywall needs finished and painted, but the former owners decided to make a bold lighting decision. Yes. Those are old fire hoses. I assume that you love that because nearly everyone who has seen the space thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread.

What do we think? WAAAAAAAAAY too kitschy. They’re coming down. Before you get upset, you should know that we’re not going to throw the hoses away. We’ll find a new home for them (in our space or with someone who can truly appreciate them).


From here, we’ve stepped through the entry way and to the left. We’re looking from the dining room into the family room (right) and kitchen (left). Another bold light fixture that won’t be sticking around for too long. Anyone in the market for a massive chandelier? I think we can make a deal…


From the living room, looking into the dining room. If you didn’t notice in our inaugural post, you can see the fire pole straight ahead (to the right of the plumbing stack). The door back there leads down to the basement.


Here’s a closer look at this space.


At first glance the kitchen looks pretty good. The cabinets are fairly new and in great shape. It really starts to fall apart in the details, like the missing range and the missing window (that white rectangle next to the range opening). It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but the cabinets are hung really high. My 5’5″ self can barely reach the first shelf in the stack above the sink.


Standing back near the range, you’ll see the other side doesn’t have much to offer either. Missing fridge… missing window… There’s space for a table or some open shelving, which I think will win out when we see just how little we can put in the cabinets. The kitchen is going to be an adventure for awhile.


One last shot looking back through the door.


The only thing we missed getting a picture of is the half bathroom. It’s a closet of a room thanks to another bricked up window, but the huge slop sink has a lot of character.

So that’s the first floor. Any questions?