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Random notes

The pictures for today’s post aren’t quite ready because we got our wires a little crossed. I asked Aaron to edit the “dresser pictures” and he edited the ones for the master bedroom, not the captain’s bedroom. #toomanydressers I blame South Jefferson Mid Century Modern for making us want to replace/add so much furniture.

So instead, you get some random thoughts from me… and some random iPhone pics, starting with a few of Hank!





Seriously, how is he growing up so fast? The last check at the vet’s (because we don’t have a monster scale to weigh him) had him at 64 lbs, but I think he’s put on a few more since then.

The captain’s suite redo and the South Jefferson MCM buy (which included two dressers) has left us with so much furniture that we need to purge: two dressers, a desk, a beverage center fridge thing, a ghost chair, a pull down map that was destined for the captain’s room but was usurped by the $10 green and black map from the River Market Antique Mall, possibly an arc lamp, and our beloved record cabinet turned entertainment center/bar.


As much as we still love this piece, we just don’t have a spot for it here. So we’re hoping to post everything to Craigslist this weekend. I can come back and share the links if anyone is interested.

I dug up this old (2 years!!) “video tour” of the firehouse. I totally forgot that we did this, but I’m glad we did because it’s mind blowing to see all the changes this way (rather than in static pictures.) Also it is CRACKING ME UP. Oh Past Heather, you’re so naïve with your ‘well have the workshop done soon’ statements.

A few notes:

  • It’s CRAZY to see the studio so open.
  • 1:58 – I think it’s funny that I reference having the workshop done “soon” because we all know it’s decidedly NOT done yet.
  • 3:52 – When we pop into the bathroom, you can see out the window. That view is SO different thanks to the ipe garage.
  • 4:50 – Working upstairs SUCKED. Man that space was just wholly depressing I’m so glad that’s a distant memory.
  • 5:16 – The living room wasn’t high on the list, but Aaron surprised me (or at least tried to surprise me) with a living room makeover. I’m so glad we tackled this space. See aforementioned wholly depressing atmosphere.

I’m thinking about doing a new walkthrough after the furniture purge… even if I’m the only one who wants this kind of record of our place. Maybe we’ll peek at the basement and outside too!



We showed you a few pictures of the newest addition to the firehouse, but many of you (rightfully) asked for more of that cuteness in your life. Hank has basically taken over my Instagram feed, but I figured it was worth taking a moment to share a few pictures from the professional camera on here.

IMG_0026 IMG_0027

These were all shot in the first month we had him and since then he’s grown so much! When we brought him home he was 26 pounds. Now he’s already 50+. To say he’s going to be big is an understatement. We’re totally cool with that. In fact, it’s what we wanted.

He’s basically so cute that it’s unfair. I mean, come on. That face.

IMG_0034 IMG_0050

Obviously there’s been a big learning curve for all of us.

Hank – How do I use these back legs? What can and can’t be chewed on? When will the big dog let me play with her?
Mojo – Is this thing really sticking around? Ok, fine I guess I’ll play with him.

She really wanted nothing to do with him for the first 4 weeks that he was with us. Maybe he was too small? Maybe she didn’t like that he accidentally bit her ear on day one? Thankfully, something clicked and she’s finally turned into the dog we thought she would be around him. She’s teaching him how to play and is so patient with him when they romp. It’s adorable.
IMG_8043 IMG_8045

Our learning curve has been focused around finding a rhythm that works for every person and pet. It feels like it gets a little easier every day, which means less time cleaning up pee and more time soaking up this brief time when he’s so small.


Last week and an addition to the firehouse (4 more paws!)

Last week was one for the history books. And I’m glad that it’s finally history. It was a rough one.

Let’s start with the good stuff. The highlight by far was bringing a new addition to the firehouse. Meet Hank!


When we moved into the firehouse (after a few cocktails one evening) we got it into our head that with so much space we could totally handle another dog. Mojo is AHmazing, but sadly she won’t be with us forever. She has always been great with other dogs and puppies so we reasoned that we should get another dog (Great Dane was an easy decision) while she was still around to help an maybe instill some of her good qualities. Plus we figured having a playmate would keep her active.


Thus far she isn’t quite sure how to handle Hank. We think the size difference is making her leery of any sort of playing. Mostly she tries to sleep on a different bed than him, even if it means wedging herself into his puppy-sized bed. He’s doing his best to play with her, but is appeased with the million toys we’ve pulled out from her younger days.


He is absolutely adorable, which totally makes  up for all of the pee I’ve cleaned off the floor. But seriously, he’s really smart and already doing great in the kennel overnight.

Unfortunately, he (and we) walked into the most chaotic week we’ve ever shared as a married couple. I owe you SO many posts, but we started some of the contractor-fueled parts of the living room/dining room makeovers. First up was cutting holes for three new windows! Working through three layers of brick stirred up a lot of dust and a tear in the plastic + complete oversight at blocking the top of pole closet left our house a complete disaster. (In case you don’t know/remember the floors in the picture below are actually dark brown.)


When we filmed our House Hunters: Where Are They Now episode, they asked for any and all crazy renovation stories. The only one we could come up with (which I talk about briefly in the episode) was when the paint started melting off our studio walls. That was bad. This was so much worse.

Not only did we not see this coming, it totally ruined (albeit, temporarily) most of our second floor. I’ve talked about it briefly before, but I firmly believe the way we get through renovations is by creating a sanctuary. It’s any no-reno zone that we can retreat to. Usually it’s our living room and on Tuesday it was coated in a 1/16 inch of dust.

Our newly refinished guestroom actually took the brunt of the dirt. It was basically like the dust dancer from Adele’s Rolling in the Deep video… except with less dancing… and more tears. Basically it was horrific.We were both completely overwhelmed. And the dust wasn’t done. Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday created a cloud that really couldn’t be stopped even when we doubled down on plastic and tape. The stairwell, the kitchen, the guestroom, the outdoor patio and garage were all coated. Not to mention the scene of the crime – the living room/dining room.

We kept the upstairs living room at a tolerable level and opted to tackle the living room/dining room/construction zone ourselves on Sunday. For the rest, we called in reinforcements. Today (literal) angels  from Green Angels descended on the firehouse and restored peace and order. Over the course of a day, they cleaned nooks and crannys that would have taken us weeks to address. My kitchen has never been so clean. I keep noticing things they touched, places that sparkle and being amazed. And, for the first time in a week, we are both able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I owe you SO many posts (more puppy pics, plans and windows in the living/dining rooms, more pics of furniture in the guestroom now that is has been cleaned), but I wanted to drop in and document this moment, even if it’s only for us to look back on. We’re doing so many things (puppy, new windows) that will pay off over time. I want to be able to look back and say “That really sucked, but it was really worth it.”

In front of the camera

Sorry for the radio silence. We have SOO much going on right now and not enough hours in the day. So I’ve been prioritizing wine and the couch over blogging. I’m sure you understand. We’re friends like that.

A few weeks ago, before things got crazy, we coaxed our friend, Stacey, to this side of the state to take our picture. We can be incredibly awkward in front of the camera, which is why Stacey’s “day in the life” session was perfect. It doesn’t hurt that we’re already friends, and he and Aaron bond over the love of film cameras. #photonerds Stacey brought a bunch of film (!!!) and we took him out to our favorite spot in St. Louis: a beach on the Mississippi River that only exists in the winter months when the water level is low. It’s the perfect spot to explore: cameras for us and nose to the ground for Mojo.

001Hawes 002Hawes 003Hawes 004Hawes 005Hawes 006Hawes 007Hawes 008Hawes 009Hawes 010Hawes 011Hawes 012Hawes 013Hawes 014Hawes

And, because it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t WORK on something, we also used the trip to grab some (too much?) driftwood. The shot below is one of my favorites from the day!

015Hawes 016Hawes

Then we headed back to the firehouse for some forced cuddle time out front. Because when you have a firehouse blog, people will ask you for pictures of your FACES in front of the firehouse. Weird, right? So we decided to get some proper blog profile pics.

017Hawes 018Hawes 019Hawes

The only problem is that now I want to redo this shoot when everything is leafed out and green…

020Hawes 021Hawes 022Hawes

Then it was time for dinner and relaxing in the courtyard, as you do.

023Hawes 024Hawes 025Hawes 026Hawes 027Hawes 028Hawes 029Hawes

I love all of these images. They really do capture what life is like for us right now…. well, the days we’re not working on the firehouse. Trust that we basically killed ourselves before Stacey arrived to make sure the guestroom was ready for a human occupant.

I’ll be back (maybe next week?? It’s going to be a crazy one) with some more substantial updates. As always, if you want a sneak peek or a real-time look at our lives, feel free to follow me on Instagram.

Real life

I’m working on some posts for the captain’s bedroom, but what I’m thinking about is life and our project list. Over breakfast this morning, we recapped all of the projects we’re into at the moment. Spoiler alert: it’s WAY too many. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, especially with weeks like last one that included a work trip for me. So in the interest of keeping it real, here are all of the semi-finished (or semi-started) projects in flight right now.


Trailer – Ugh the trailer. Seriously, who can I pay (yeah, right we’re way too cheap for that) to just finish this thing. It’s dragging on, mostly because we’ve lost all the joy. (Like I said, keeping it real.) We really wanted to use it before our wedding season kicks up this spring, but that is looking highly unlikely.


Captain’s suite – We’ve already talked about how this project has spiraled a bit out of control. In truth, it’s gone much further. We bought a new rug and duvet cover. We also snagged a few vintage pieces for the space. They’re not perfect so instead of finalizing the room we tacked on “refinish furniture” to the list. We can’t start on that until we have some space in the living room and that won’t happen until the trailer is done.


Workshop – It’s been partially framed for over a year. It HAS to get done to let us work on the living/dining room.


Living/Dining room – We are so excited to start on this project. So excited that we are already lining up contractors for a few of the pieces we can’t do ourselves. THIS is what we want to work on. I have to remember that we didn’t plan to tackle this until the summer so anything we do is actually ahead of schedule.


Exterior – There are a handful of smaller projects that need attention in once the weather gets warmer. We’ve been trying to seal our concrete for years, other things (like the garage) get in the way. The electrical in the garage isn’t 100% finished. And there are a few yearly maintenance needs, like seeding the yard and planting some herbs.

That’s our crazy list. I’m sure we’re not the only ones? We’ll take any show of sympathy, like stories about the time you also took on the renovation of an entire firehouse… or wine…