Random notes

The pictures for today’s post aren’t quite ready because we got our wires a little crossed. I asked Aaron to edit the “dresser pictures” and he edited the ones for the master bedroom, not the captain’s bedroom. #toomanydressers I blame South Jefferson Mid Century Modern for making us want to replace/add so much furniture.

So instead, you get some random thoughts from me… and some random iPhone pics, starting with a few of Hank!





Seriously, how is he growing up so fast? The last check at the vet’s (because we don’t have a monster scale to weigh him) had him at 64 lbs, but I think he’s put on a few more since then.

The captain’s suite redo and the South Jefferson MCM buy (which included two dressers) has left us with so much furniture that we need to purge: two dressers, a desk, a beverage center fridge thing, a ghost chair, a pull down map that was destined for the captain’s room but was usurped by the $10 green and black map from the River Market Antique Mall, possibly an arc lamp, and our beloved record cabinet turned entertainment center/bar.


As much as we still love this piece, we just don’t have a spot for it here. So we’re hoping to post everything to Craigslist this weekend. I can come back and share the links if anyone is interested.

I dug up this old (2 years!!) “video tour” of the firehouse. I totally forgot that we did this, but I’m glad we did because it’s mind blowing to see all the changes this way (rather than in static pictures.) Also it is CRACKING ME UP. Oh Past Heather, you’re so naïve with your ‘well have the workshop done soon’ statements.

[vimeo 66602296 w=872 h=492]

A few notes:

  • It’s CRAZY to see the studio so open.
  • 1:58 – I think it’s funny that I reference having the workshop done “soon” because we all know it’s decidedly NOT done yet.
  • 3:52 – When we pop into the bathroom, you can see out the window. That view is SO different thanks to the ipe garage.
  • 4:50 – Working upstairs SUCKED. Man that space was just wholly depressing I’m so glad that’s a distant memory.
  • 5:16 – The living room wasn’t high on the list, but Aaron surprised me (or at least tried to surprise me) with a living room makeover. I’m so glad we tackled this space. See aforementioned wholly depressing atmosphere.

I’m thinking about doing a new walkthrough after the furniture purge… even if I’m the only one who wants this kind of record of our place. Maybe we’ll peek at the basement and outside too!


KC River Market Antique Mall finds

Who needs a break? Our hands are raised! DIY-ing is tiring!

We’re not the best at slowing down or stopping, especially when we are mid project renovation. We only made it back to Kansas City to visit Aaron’s family once last year (for Christmas) and we heard about it from his grandma. To stay in Grandma E’s good graces, a spring trip to KC was a necessity. We lucked out with the weather and spent a few days eating at as many favorite spots as we could (Oklahoma Joe’s – yes I know the name changed – Extra Virgin and Nara topped the list) and doing a little shopping. We even convinced Aaron’s parents to join us for a little jaunt through the River Market Antique Mall, one of our favorites in the city. As usual it didn’t disappoint!


These sweet butter pat dishes were holding jewelry and that’s exactly what I had in mind for them. At $4 a piece it was an easy decision to grab two. I love the subtle floral patterns.

002rivermarketantiques 003rivermarketantiques 004rivermarketantiques

The jewelry was actually what drew me to the case with the dishes originally. This bird necklace caught my eye. I love how simple it is. It’s the perfect piece to toss on with a casual dress (yay for being nearly dress season!) I scooped this up for $20.


Fun fact: Apparently my husband likes wood bowls. I’ve always been drawn to them, but this was the first time he’s picked one up and said, “Look at this!” This particular bowl is really cool, so I’m not surprised.

006rivermarketantiques 007rivermarketantiques 008rivermarketantiques

It has great lines and is in really good condition, although we may revive the wood just a bit. Plus it’s Dansk and was only $28!


The biggest score was this map.


I’m a pretty big map lover (as evidenced by a Pinterest board devoted exclusively to maps) so Aaron has to keep my collection in check. I appreciate that, because I do understand that logically one house only needs so many maps. This one caught his attention and when we opened it up the color scheme reminded us of a certain room we’ve been talking a lot about…

011rivermarketantiques012rivermarketantiques 013rivermarketantiques

It’s huge, measuring 42″ by 29″ AND it’s the “First Color Photomosaic of the 48 Contiguous United States” so there’s that. And that’s pretty cool.


We folded it back up and searched for a price. $10. TEN DOLLARS! Sold.

So those are the few trinkets we hauled across the state. I’m glad they were small because we had plenty of Ikea flat pack boxes (pieces destined for the captain’s suite closet) already stowed in the car. Have you scored any pieces lately, vintage or otherwise?

Because good vintage wares wait for no man

I know I told you in the last post that the next thing you saw from us would be a tutorial on how to build the best fence ever. Well, I didn’t intentionally lie, but if you’re here for fence building, you might be disappointed. Aaron is putting the finishing touches on the posts and gates. When that’s done we’ll be back with the full run down.

In the meantime, let’s talk about buying vintage things when you have no hope of using them in the immediate future. Some people might call it hoarding, but those people would be wrong. Finding the perfect vintage thingamabob is not like stopping in at Target. It takes time and perseverance and a little luck.

So despite the fact that most of our living space could rightfully be categorized as “chaotic,” we’ve picked up a few gems since we moved in.

We stumbled upon these stage lights at a local antique mall and were blown away at the $40/ea price tags. WHAT THE WHAT?


These babies are huge, gorgeous and in fantastic condition. That down there? That’s glass on the front of the light!


And a light bulb that we won’t be using because we don’t want to burn our faces off.


The other one also has glass, though it’s a bit dusty and comes with an ominous warning.


Current home: The basement
Future home: Possibly the downstairs living room
Needs: Cleaned up, rewired and mounted on a stand

This next piece was living in our favorite booth at the River Market Antique Mall when we went to visit this spring. (We’re not the only ones with favorite booths at particular antique malls, right?)


It’s a rolling metal cart that adjusts vertically and is also the perfect solution to my near lack of counter space in the kitchen. The room isn’t big enough for a true island and we didn’t want to spend much on a temporary solution (the kitchen is destined for a full gut job some day). This cart fit the bill perfectly, ringing in at just $120. It wheels out when it’s needed and lives under the window when it’s not.


There’s only one identifying mark – a name inscribed in the metal on the top of the table – but it’s so covered with paint that we can’t read it. I did some internet research, but came up empty handed. My best guess is that it was used in a dental office.

Current home: The kitchen
Future home: The kitchen in the short term, maybe a nightstand in the guestroom eventually
Needs: This piece was in pristine condition. I just gave it a quick wipe down before using it. We might paint it someday.

Have we talked about our love of fireplaces? No? I didn’t think so. Well, we love them, specifically wood burning fireplaces. At our condo, we got our fix with an outdoor fire pit and have plans to build a larger one here. We’re also toying with a fireplace in the downstairs living room. As we thought about our huge master bedroom we realized there was plenty of space for… you guessed it… a fireplace.

When a local midcentury antique dealer posted this guy on his blog:


It was basically love at first sight. Aaron saw it before I did and the following ensued:
Email from Aaron: Did you see this fireplace!? http://mistermodtomic.blogspot.com/2013/05/gawshanother-freestanding-fireplace-you.html
Me: Wow! That’s really cool!

(Time passes)

Aaron calls and says: “Wasn’t that fireplace cool”
Me: “Absolutely. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wonder what he’s selling it for.”
Aaron: “What would you pay for it?”
Me: (knowing my husband well enough to know where this is going) “I don’t know. I know he’s listed others around $500 and that seems reasonable. Plus this one is SO cool!”
Aaron: “Good. Because I offered him $400 and he’s going to be here in an hour.”


Wood burning, masculine, black, mid century… what more could you ask for in a fireplace for your bedroom?



Current home: The studio (we really need to move this guy somewhere else)
Future home: Master bedroom
Needs: Assembled (the pipe on top comes in three pieces) and installed

Tell us we’re not the only ones scooping up random vintage finds despite an obvious home for them. What have you scored recently (vintage or not) for your place?