Random notes

The pictures for today’s post aren’t quite ready because we got our wires a little crossed. I asked Aaron to edit the “dresser pictures” and he edited the ones for the master bedroom, not the captain’s bedroom. #toomanydressers I blame South Jefferson Mid Century Modern for making us want to replace/add so much furniture. So […]

KC River Market Antique Mall finds

Who needs a break? Our hands are raised! DIY-ing is tiring! We’re not the best at slowing down or stopping, especially when we are mid project renovation. We only made it back to Kansas City to visit Aaron’s family once last year (for Christmas) and we heard about it from his grandma. To stay in […]

Because good vintage wares wait for no man

I know I told you in the last post that the next thing you saw from us would be a tutorial on how to build the best fence ever. Well, I didn’t intentionally lie, but if you’re here for fence building, you might be disappointed. Aaron is putting the finishing touches on the posts and […]