Put a window in it

If we had a mantra (a la Portlandia’s “put a bird on it“) it would be a close tie between “paint it white” and “put a window in it”. In the case of the workshop, we’re doing both. You see the hole right there… we put a window in it.


The basement has two subterranean window openings that are protected by metal grates. They were boarded up, but not bricked over like the windows on the first floor, making this a really easy and inexpensive way to add some natural light to the space.


Remove the board…


Put a window in it…


Except when we removed the board, we discovered a small jungle of weeds and trash.


A little clean up and three bags of rock made this a much better view.


It’s not enough light to work by, but it makes a huge difference when you hit the bottom of the steps.


That’s it. Just an easy, simple “put a window in it” project.

6 thoughts on “Put a window in it

  1. Not going to lie its pretty easy to picture you both doing the bird skit but with windows. “Have a old firehouse that needs to be a home, put a window in it!” Haha

  2. My brain didn’t go ‘Portlandia.’ I read ‘Paint it white, put a window in it’ and all of a sudden Bruno Mars is stuck in my head.

    stop, wait a minute
    paint it white, put a window in it
    take a pic, put it up
    there’s a drinking game, get your cup!

    Annnnd then I curse out my work for constantly playing Top 40 so I actually know all the words to Uptown Funk.

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