Another new to us dresser

You can definitely file this under “furniture we don’t need… but we really, really wanted.” I blame the knobs. Look at them!


This is yet another (but the last one we’ll talk about for now) find at South Jefferson Mid Century Modern. It’s one I saw on Instagram that made me pause, scroll back and think “Would Aaron like that?” I wrongly assumed he wouldn’t and kept moving because who really needs 5 super skinny drawers?

When we went in for THE desk, this dresser was still available. Aaron gravitated toward it instantly, and I discovered that it was actually a stack of three drawers on each side (and therefore MUCH more functional.) We reasoned that we could swap out the behemoth of a dresser we have in our master bedroom for this much more stylish piece. So we included it on the wishlist and toted it home with our other scores. It waited alongside the Broyhill before being moved to the (future) downstairs living room/current workshop disaster zone to get some love.


Seriously, the knobs.


It had a little wear all over and a little rogue paint.

004masterdresser 005masterdresser 006masterdresser 007masterdresser

The worst part was the top, which lost its luster many years ago.

008masterdresser 009masterdresser

Aaron cleaned the whole piece with Murphy Oil Soap and gave it a coat of Danish Oil before turning his attention to the top.


He sanded the top and rubbed on three coats of Danish Oil to bring it back to the right color.


You can really see what a difference it made.


Then he coated it with 2 rounds of Feed-N-Wax to bring back some of the shine.

Here’s the dresser we retired to make way for this mid century beauty.


It was super functional, but also super huge. So huge that we couldn’t open the door all the way.

016masterdresser 017masterdresser 018masterdresser

Much better!

Here’s a look at the drawer configuration.


When I shot this I realized that I forgot to fill up the bottom left drawer. This dresser doesn’t really come close to fitting all of the clothes the other one held… but ignoring a drawer completely certainly wasn’t helping!


Oh those knobs…



We always prioritize our bedroom really low when it comes to updates. Even at our house in Kansas City, it took us about four years to paint our master a color we liked. In fact, the only reason we painted this room was for an Alive Magazine shoot. Otherwise it would still be the dreadful green and brown combo we inherited.

All that is to say, it’s nice to have a fun update in a space we use so often. And since this is my dresser I get to enjoy those knobs on the daily.

  1. Seriously. amazing! I think I am going to have to go on a hunt this weekend for a dresser. We have my awful monstrosity Ikea dresser that takes up AN ENTIRE WALL in our tiny bedroom. Can’t wait for it to be gone! 🙂

    1. Oooh! I hope you found one 🙂

  2. Huzzah! Looking great! Was the top solid wood, or veneer? We have a lacquered dresser that I’d like to spruce up (one day), but it’s veneered, so I’m hesitant to strip any of the aged poly for fear that it won’t actually improve the look of the piece.

    Not that any of that will happen anytime soon…

    1. It’s a solid wood piece so it was totally fine to sand. I’m not sure we would have bought it if it was veneer given the state of the top.

  3. THE KNOBS! I am now seriously tempted to paint black circles around the knobs on my desk (it is MCM with very similar hardware). I love the way the black really makes them pop.

    1. You have a similar piece? Nice! I love how these knobs really pop!

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