Framing and painting the workshop

I feel like I can stop being a broken record. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “We’re going to start the workshop,” or “The workshop is next!” or some iteration of that, but if we’re talking over/under 100… I’d bet over. Yesh! When it comes to this renovation, it’s always funny to look back at what we thought would happen vs. what actually did happen. Well, most days it’s funny…

But I digress. Here’s a statement I’m loving: The workshop is underway!

I thought you might need a refresher on the layout of the basement. It’s basically a blank slate with columns running down the middle.


Although it normally looks more like this…


We decided to dedicate nearly half of the space to the workshop (after changing things up a little.) The “New” layout is still the plan.


That required constructing walls between the columns and at the front of the workshop to define the space.


That picture kind of sucks. Here’s a better view with the walls filled in. We used 3/4″ treated plywood to serve as walls and work as a good base for anything Aaron wants to hang.


The walls and ceiling got a coat of white primer and white paint. Instantly it feels so much brighter and much more fresh in here.


He also topped the floor with two coats of Rustoleum’s EPOXYSHIELD in gray gloss (minus the flecks, because why do epoxy floors need specks?)

Here’s the opposite view (looking toward the stairs) before and after paint.

006workshopframepaint 007workshopframepaint

It feels GREAT to see progress on the workshop! Next up: moving some of the big tools in, running more electrical, and adding lights!

What’s your broken record project? The one you can’t stop talking about for good or bad reasons?

  1. Congrats! What a difference white paint makes, right?

    1. Right? It’s amazing how much brighter it feels even with the same two lights in the space.

  2. It looks awesome! I know how much work that was! I mean, I don’t, but I can sympathize. I have only one complaint: make the wine cellar bigger 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Actually we’re thinking about cutting the storage space between the wine cellar and workshop… so the wine cellar can be bigger. We’re ridiculous…

  3. Congrats on getting your workshop done! Or, well, done-ish, mostly done, very progressed? Pick the appropriate description. It must feel great to have a dedicated space for projects and tools to live. Though I am curious if you’ll be able to work on refinishing projects in there, or would ventilation be an issue?

    1. Hahaha! It’s definitely not done, but this is a huge step forward 🙂
      Good question. Aaron is installing a dust collection and air filtration system to combat the fumes. He may still need to wear a mask for finishing, but it should be safe down there.

  4. Just curious, was the epoxy easy to add? My husband is considering but we would have to do it in sections bc our garage is pretty full. It sounds like a really stinky job? (Literally). Thanks!

    1. It was really easy. You paint it just like you would a wall (edge with a brush and then roll it on). If you want to add the flecks, you do that in sections as you go. A respirator is never a bad idea, but if you can open the garage door that should help a lot.

  5. Thanks for the tip! That’s good to know!

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