Mr chair and some better shots of the captain’s bedroom

THE desk wasn’t the only thing we bought after seeing it on Instagram OR the only new purchase for the captain’s bedroom. Allow me to introduce Mr. Chair.


But, really guys, that’s the name of this chair. Mr. Chair® is a plycraft lounge designed by George Mulhauser.

I noticed this guy on The Future Antiques Instagram feed and it popped out at Aaron on Facebook. You might remember that we picked up this Eames lounger last year from TFA with plans to redo it. Since then, Aaron fell in love with the look of the Mr. Chair. So when this one came up for a good price, I agreed on the condition that the Eames chair finds a new home. One house only needs so many loungers.

Between you and me, I like this chair a lot more. I think it has more style and the condition is top notch. There’s a small tear near one of the buttons in the seat, which we may be able to repair ourselves. Either way, it’s a piece of furniture that can be used immediately… in contrast to the dressers we’re planning to refresh that have been hanging out in the studio. (More on those in a future post.) That alone makes it a winner in my book!

We’re not sure where it will ultimately live, but it looks at home in the captain’s bedroom. Once we removed the closet, we figured this corner would be perfect for a comfy chair and this definitely fits the bill. This corner still needs a lamp, small table and art to cover up the electrical box cover.

002mrchair 003mrchair

The room is starting to come together. We still have a dresser to add. Once that is in place, we can work on art and accessories.

004mrchair  006mrchair

We’re also on the lookout for matching side tables for the bed. The typing cart, which we still love and will have a home somewhere, is looking a little “shabby chic” now that it’s on a rug. The round table on the other side is so old it was surely a Bed Bath and Beyond purchase many moons before we realized what kind of aesthetic we really enjoy.


So that’s where things stand right now. It’s SOOO much better than the orange and blue hodgepodge we lived with before.


Yeah. That. It hurts my eyes.


Ahh! Much better!

In fact, this room looks SO good, I sometimes want to move our master. It’s not functional enough for that (closet space, adjacent bathroom, etc) but it makes me happy knowing our guests will stay in a place that I’d be thrilled to inhabit on a daily basis.

  1. So great. I love the idea that your guest(s) could be relaxing on Mr Chair, enjoying a little pre-dinner cocktail, perhaps doing a little reading or listening to a podcast (I have a rich imagination), when you’ll announce dinner service. They’ll then get up, adjust their sartorial finery, and proceed to slide down the pole for an evening of mirth and wine. It could totally happen like that, right?

    1. Hahaha! Very rich and could TOTALLY happen! 😀

  2. Stunning. And yes, there’s not enough closet space (or an ensuite) for it to be the master, but when you do get around to renovating the master, at least you’ll have a room that’s finished and gorgeous to stay in, instead of trying to sleep in the middle of a reno zone?

    1. Yes! I’m so glad we’ll have a beautiful retreat during that construction!

  3. I haven’t looked at everything yet, but I’m so happy I found your blog. So cool! You’re so funny and a great story teller. Yay you! *grins*

    1. Awww! Thanks, Pam! Welcome 🙂

  4. […] captain’s suite redo and the South Jefferson MCM buy (which included two dressers) has left us with so much furniture […]

  5. have you found a home for that replica eames lounge? because if not………..

    1. We have not! We meant to list it on Craigslist with some other furniture, but never got around to it. With the addition of the Mr. Chair we definitely need to find a new home for it. Feel free to shoot us an email via the contact page if you want to chat about it.

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