The closet also goes green

We’ve been focusing on the bedroom portion of the captain’s suite, but the bathroom turned closet is also getting some love during this makeover. Here’s a reminder of where we started: gray walls and ceiling, weird pink window trim, plaster damage.

001captainclosetpaint 002captainclosetpaint 003captainclosetpaint

Oh and a “sweet” light fixture…. NOT!


After Aaron fixed the plaster, the painted portion of the room got the green treatment. The walls, window and door trim, and ceiling all got a few coats of Pantone’s June Bug to match the bedroom.


Everything is looking so much more rich.


The green goes really well with all of the existing stone, which we have no plans to remove.

007captainclosetpaint 008captainclosetpaint

Ok, everything is looking great except the overhead light fixture, but that’s getting replaced.


We grabbed some pieces from Ikea to make this into a multi-functional space: closet, vanity and back bar. It sounds weird, but I promise it will make sense. As soon as I wrangle the 100+ Ikea parts into working cabinets, I’ll show you what I mean.

  1. I still wish that room could have stayed a bathroom. But the stone looks crazy good with June bug! I’m eager to have my mind blown when I see how much cooler it is as a dressing room slash closet. It’s gonna be good.

    1. Yeah, that would have been great, but it definitely wasn’t in the cards. On the plus side, I think the bedroom looks SO much better without the newer closet. It just feels right in there. This space is starting to look REALLY cool. We have the cabinetry hung and just need to finish a few things off!

  2. […] which left us free to re-purpose this former bathroom space. We started this makeover by giving the walls and trim a coat of Pantone’s June Bug to match the captain’s […]

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