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I’m working on some posts for the captain’s bedroom, but what I’m thinking about is life and our project list. Over breakfast this morning, we recapped all of the projects we’re into at the moment. Spoiler alert: it’s WAY too many. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, especially with weeks like last one that included a work trip for me. So in the interest of keeping it real, here are all of the semi-finished (or semi-started) projects in flight right now.


Trailer – Ugh the trailer. Seriously, who can I pay (yeah, right we’re way too cheap for that) to just finish this thing. It’s dragging on, mostly because we’ve lost all the joy. (Like I said, keeping it real.) We really wanted to use it before our wedding season kicks up this spring, but that is looking highly unlikely.


Captain’s suite – We’ve already talked about how this project has spiraled a bit out of control. In truth, it’s gone much further. We bought a new rug and duvet cover. We also snagged a few vintage pieces for the space. They’re not perfect so instead of finalizing the room we tacked on “refinish furniture” to the list. We can’t start on that until we have some space in the living room and that won’t happen until the trailer is done.


Workshop – It’s been partially framed for over a year. It HAS to get done to let us work on the living/dining room.


Living/Dining room – We are so excited to start on this project. So excited that we are already lining up contractors for a few of the pieces we can’t do ourselves. THIS is what we want to work on. I have to remember that we didn’t plan to tackle this until the summer so anything we do is actually ahead of schedule.


Exterior – There are a handful of smaller projects that need attention in once the weather gets warmer. We’ve been trying to seal our concrete for years, other things (like the garage) get in the way. The electrical in the garage isn’t 100% finished. And there are a few yearly maintenance needs, like seeding the yard and planting some herbs.

That’s our crazy list. I’m sure we’re not the only ones? We’ll take any show of sympathy, like stories about the time you also took on the renovation of an entire firehouse… or wine…

  1. Oh, girl, I feel you. Just keep swimming. The joy for the projects will come back, or you’ll get a little boost from finishing something fun (or simply satisfying). Crossing things OFF the list could be just the thing you guys need. And don’t forget, it’s just a house (or a trailer, whatever). Your life happens in it, it’s not your life.

    Go uncork and unwind. Here’s a mantra my hubby uses when I get overwhelmed: ‘All is well, all will be well.’ It’s surprisingly helpful. Try it. xoxo

    1. Thanks for the kind words, friend! We took advantage of a free Sunday to tackle a few projects. I know we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Honestly, crossing the trailer off the list will be a major victory.

  2. Totally understand, our to-do list is in the same unfinished state! So many plans and ideas, but so little time and money. And often the chance to sleep wins out over everything. 😉 Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! I figured we can’t be the only DIYers out there with just SO much we want to do and not enough time or money or energy to get it all done.

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