Pantone June Bug 19-5414

For this bedroom we agreed it would be fun to step away from ALL WHITE and actually put color on the wall. We didn’t really discuss what color, but whilst standing in front of the wall of swatches we were clearly drawn to blue, deep blue… and “ooh gray”… “what about emerald green?” You might remember that I had a mild obsession with the idea of a deep green couch, which went unfulfilled when we couldn’t find the right fabric and switched to blue.


We came home with the swatches and I unceremoniously tossed them on the bed in the guestroom. We decided that blue might be a little expected and gray was probably too safe. And also look at those greens! Eddie Bauer’s Juniper was Aaron top choice (the swatch on top of the Pantone one in the bottom right) and I was really digging Pantone’s June Bug. I held both of them up to the brick to get them out of the bright sunlight and we were still torn. I really loved the decidedly jewel tone in the Pantone swatch, and Aaron worried that it would be too dark.

We ended the conversation with me saying, “I trust your opinion because you’re much better at color than I am. So go with the one you like.”

At least I thought that’s how we ended it. In an extremely rare miscommunication, Aaron thought I was being insistent on my choice (which I had up to that point) and decided to let me have it. Apparently he didn’t hear my closing statement, and he came home with three gallons of Pantone June Bug. One coat of primer and THREE coats of paint later, this room is looking a LOT better.

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Next up: Painting the floors!

  1. Nice! It really changes the character of the room (less funhouse, more calm).

    1. Thanks! It is much more serene.

  2. It looks like velvet, so in that sense you guys got your sofa color at last! Looks tremendous. Can’t wait to see it all pulled together.

    1. We did! I guess it was just meant to be this way 🙂

  3. OMG i LOOOOOVE it. the jewel tone is so dreamy and sophisticated. *thumbs up*

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty obsessed with it as well. I know it wasn’t Aaron’s first choice, but it has definitely stolen my heart.

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