Two years in

Are recaps annoying? If so, I won’t blame you for skipping this post. I’m doing this for me and for him.


Yeah, that guy. That guy who does amazing things around here. That guy who works tirelessly to make this place amazing. He rocks.

But sometimes he forgets (so do I). We forget how much we can do and do do in a year. So this post is a good time capsule of what the firehouse looks like RIGHT now, a sweet reminder of what changed in the last 365, and a peek into what we have in store for the coming year.


The front stayed pretty much the same all year.


But the back had a radical transformation! We finished the fence!



Then we spent more hours than I’d like to remember transforming the carport into the sexiest garage known to man.





We also realized we built something that basically resembled a courtyard and made it pretty!




First floor

The studio remains our most finished interior space… although it got a little junky this winter when we decided to bring the the trailer in to get it done.


The future living and dining rooms have descended into complete chaos thanks to the trailer work and lack of a workshop (more on that at the bottom of the post.)

003firehouse_two_years 004firehouse_two_years

Rounding out the downstairs, the kitchen and the half bath remain the same, functional-but-not-pretty spaces.

005firehouse_two_years 006firehouse_two_years



Painting the stairwell offers a nice visual transition from “construction zone” to “where we spend most of our time.”




It’s easy for us to forget that about a year ago the living room looked like this:


and then this…


before finally becoming a serene place to relax, complete with a new paint job, new lighting, some new furnishings, a bar cart and some art!


The captain’s bedroom also got upgraded from “theoretically a guest bedroom” to “actual place where people could sleep” thanks to the addition of a bed.


The hallway’s paint job straddled the “this year vs last year” line. It also got some sweet new art.



The rest of the upstairs rooms remained untouched this year.

009firehouse_two_years 011firehouse_two_years 012firehouse_two_years 013firehouse_two_years 014firehouse_two_years 015firehouse_two_years



Despite our intentions to work on the workshop last year, we only got as far as framing out some of it.





Since this is a bit of a digital scrapbook post, it’s worth noting that we took a CRAZY AMAZING vacation to the Pacific Northwest in August and launched our print shop! Yay!


You made it this far?! Good job. Extra points if you are not related to us. Speaking of, if you are my parents and have some sort of bet going about what we’ll be tackling, time to lock in your wager and put your money where your mouth is.

So what’s next?
1. The trailer is moving closer and closer to the finish line each day. We owe you an update.
2. You know what goes great with a project? Another project. We decided to tackle the captain’s bedroom… and we owe you an update.
3. The workshop: It’s not anyone’s favorite project. We both just want it done, but we’re less excited about the actual doing. I can’t wait to get the tools off my floor.
4. The downstairs living room, dining room, half bath and entry cube are slated for a complete overhaul!! We have huge plans for these spaces! (And, of course, we need more white paint.)

Those are the definite projects and will probably last us most of the year. There’s still a chance we’ll tear in to the awesome bathroom to make it more functional or build out our wine cellar. Only time (money and energy) will tell.

Speaking of posts I do even if you don’t care about them. Does anyone like the updates to the master plan? Without YHL as a guiding force, I have no idea what blog audiences want to see.

  1. Congrats on everything! The firehouse has come a LONG way since you guys first bought it, you should be proud of all you’ve accomplished!

    Also, you could pretty much launch the outdoor half of a high-end restaurant on that patio. 😉

    1. Thanks so much!

      Ha! Right? I love that space!

  2. Firstly, keep doing posts for yourself. It warmed my heart to see your progress recapped because I know it means you’re closer to feeling at home in all parts of your palace.

    Secondly, sounds like you have a very full year ahead. Your ambitious project list makes me yearn for spring and summer and all things that use daylight that just won’t quit.

    Thirdly, I have to admit that I’ve always disliked greatly the master plan percentage lists. They stress me out. But, this is your place, so who am I to tell you how to run it?

    Congratulations on a year well-spent. I look forward to watching more things transform from the comfort of my non-participating and non-helping armchair.

    1. 1. Thanks! It does. I think the main reason we forget that the living room happened so recently is because we love it so much. It just feels so right.

      2. Ha! We do. I hope it’s not too much.

      3. Thanks for the feedback. I assume they stress people out. Compiling it is a bit of a bear. Maybe it’s a good every 5 year thing 🙂

  3. It looks amazing! What a project. I knew if anyone could do this you two could! When we talked and you said you wanted to buy a firehouse I knew you would make it great, however I am concerned for your safety, Is that a heater plugged in and sitting on the side of the tub? LOL! Keep up the great work I cant wait to see you on the next house hunters and tell Aaron not to forget his members only jacket 🙂

    1. Thanks, Shari!

      Ha! Yes, that is a heater sitting by a bathtub. We literally never use the tub so there’s no danger. I can see how precarious that looks in the picture, though 🙂

  4. I personally love seeing your progress. And even the lack of progress in some areas. Pretty before-and-afters are nice and all, but most of us working on our homes are living in some degree of disarray and half-finished projects at all times. I like that you’re keeping it real – keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Laura! This post is definitely keeping it real. I mean, honestly, who posts pictures of the sheer chaos going on in our downstairs?! Ha! I’m glad it helps our fellow DIYers realize we’re not alone 🙂

  5. We haven’t placed any wagers yet because we thought it was going to be the kitchen/diningroom. We will discuss it and see who wins $5 worth of lottery tickets!

    1. Lol!

  6. Hnnnngggh why’d you to mention YHL and just stab that still fresh hole in my heart?? ;____; i miss those guys so much…

    But I have to say this blog has been filling that gap just a little! (Found you guys after the Petersiks moved along). I love when you update. Heck, you could just post with a “look at this ladybug I found!” and it’d probably still be a fun, well written and well photographed post! So just keep doing what you’re doing! :3 And congrats on two years of projects tackled!

    1. I know. I know. I literally check their blog ever once in awhile just to see if maybe they decided to come back.

      BUT thank you for saying that we’re filling a small part of their void on the interwebs. That was very sweet! Haha! If you want more random posts, I do a lot on Instagram. Of course, you also have to suffer through a lot more shot of Mojo 🙂

  7. You guys are rock stars! I am really looking forward to seeing it all, fingers crossed, this fall at some point!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Yes! We would love to be a stop on your trip!

  8. Hi heather, I have never commented before but I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I thought, what DO I like to read? Anything and everything. Like if you hang a new picture, or restyle something. Have you added a few cushions to the sofa? I want to seee it. Do you have any sketches to show us of what you are planning so we can compare the idea and the room when it is done? Is there a floor plan? Do you have a mood board you are trying to stick to? Colour scheme? 6 month plan? There is a swedish blogger who posts pictures almost every day of her home, a home which seems pretty complete so I guess it is a bit different, but I find it fascinating to look at the images every day, it is a different angle or a new flower arrangement or something and it makes it so interesting!
    This is her:
    Have you opened the comments up to ask questions and answered them? Like biggest regrets, best budget tip, best brand of paint or screws or whatever thing it was that changed your entire DIY life?
    Just some thoughts!

    1. Hi! What a nice comment! Thanks so much for leaving it.
      To your point, we do a lot of designing and re-arranging and noodling that we don’t post here. I guess we’re not very great at documenting the process. It’s a good reminder that we should be. I actually enjoy reading those posts on other blogs. So, noted, and thanks!
      Also, thanks for pointing us to the Swedish blogger! I’ll check out her stuff.
      I have dabbled with posting questions at the end of a post, but haven’t been bowled over with responses. (Except when we need help with something, in which case we get a lot of great comments.) So I assume most people are here to read rather than respond. That’s totally cool. I’ll keep testing the waters with that.

  9. Love recaps! Look what you have accomplished… it is amazing! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Ann!

  10. Really impressive – congratulations!

    1. Thank you!

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