A love note to the firehouse

Two year ago, on this very day, we celebrated the sweetest Valentine’s Day by writing a huge love note to the firehouse. We closed our loan, launched this blog and said “Firehouse – We looooove you!”


I can’t believe that two years have already passed. And, honestly, we had a hard week. We’re refinancing and the appraisal didn’t come in as high as we believe it should have. (That’s really all I can say about it without this turning into a crazy rant.) For a moment, just a tiny, fleeting moment I thought “Why can’t we do anything “normal” and live in a normal house?”

But, we don’t and outside of that emotionally charged reaction I can’t even see us in anything else. I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t found this place, just like I don’t know where or who I would be if Aaron hadn’t crossed my path. Both are such pivotal, life-shaping events.

Come what may, I wouldn’t change a thing. This place is absolutely amazing. I just see it… in the spaces we’ve touched… When I look past the clutter and craziness in the spaces we’re getting to. I see it. I see our dream house.

I love you, firehouse. Thanks for always being our Valentine, and happy anniversary. You look better every year.

6 thoughts on “A love note to the firehouse

  1. Happy Firehouseaversary! I know how much of a pain those “not living in a normal house” setbacks can be, but they all iron out eventually. We had to completely re-do all the HVAC in our place to meet commercial standards, and ended up having the heating make ridiculous zigzags around the Storefront with false walls, and other silly things everywhere. I was furious at the time, but a few years on, and its dropped to a minor annoyance. I know the bank will eventually get their head around you living in a firehouse, and the appraisal will soar. Either that, or you’ll make a killing when you go to sell. Either way, it will pay you back eventually. I promise!

    • Thanks, Kristen! It’s always great to hear from someone who is also going through the process of creating an awesome home in a non-conventional space 🙂 We are already feeling much better about the appraisal and have a reformed plan that will still give us some great renovated spaces.

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