Trailer overhaul – Exterior part 1

(Get some background on our trailer project here.)

The good thing about taking out SO much of the trailer is that we were able to re-engineer the whole thing to make it much stronger. Aaron used the curve of the metal skin to shape the wood for the front, adding additional cross beans for more stability. The frame is bolted to the under carriage, so it’s not going anywhere.


Much better!

002trailerexterior1 003trailerexterior1 004trailerexterior1

He went through the same process in the back. For some reason, this is the only shot I have of the back with the framing completely removed. It also gives you a nice window into the dank, damp tunnel he was working in. It had electricity, but no overhead lights.005trailerexterior1

Here’s the new, much stronger framing.

006trailerexterior1 007trailerexterior1 008trailerexterior1

On the side of the trailer we found some additional wood rot in the wheel wells.009trailerexterior1 010trailerexterior1

He also added a new cross beam for additional support.011trailerexterior1

The trailer included a heater, which we had zero plans to keep. It vented through a hole to the left of the door.012trailerexterior1 013trailerexterior1

This was a quick fix.014trailerexterior1


In the quest to make this trailer as water tight as possible, Aaron decided to address the undercarriage. It wasn’t in bad shape, but a some sanding, priming and painting would offer a little extra protection. First he sanded the undercarriage to remove as much surface rust as possible. Then all the metal got a coat of Rust-oleum Auto Primer, followed by Rust-oleum Semi-Gloss Protective Enamel.

015trailerexterior1 016trailerexterior1 017trailerexterior1 018trailerexterior1


The single most arduous task, which remains unfinished to this day, is refurbishing all of the windows. It’s a 6-part process for each of the ELEVEN windows.

– Disassemble
– Clean all of the glass and metal
– Sand the metal to give it a brushed aluminum look
– Reglaze the glass seals
– Replace the rubber seals
– Reassemble

They go from looking like this:


to looking like this:020trailerexterior1

If we could hire magical elves to complete one part of this trailer overhaul, we would vote for the windows. Hands down.

  1. Wow… totally in awe of this project. I couldn’t begin to conceive where to start.

    1. It’s like eating an elephant. You just do it one bite at a time 🙂

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