Recent buys and some of our favorite antique malls in St Louis

The end of wedding photography season heralds a time when we look at each other and say “Now what?” The closest we come to hobbies (besides renovating a firehouse) are smoking copious amounts of meat (you haven’t lived til you’ve tasted our Jerk chicken) and haunting antique malls. This winter has already yielded a few gems, big and small. Let’s take a look!

This group came from our favorite antique mall in St Louis: Green Shag Market. It’s on the small side for an antique mall, but it’s so well curated that we’ve never left empty handed. Plus if you stop by during one of the first seven days of the month, you can also swing through Quintessential Antiques, which should be a case study in antique store merchandising.

001randombuysDec2014 002randombuysDec2014

If you watch any popular design blogs, you know that the internet is awash with ALL THINGS BRASS. While, I’m not a devotee of any particular metal, this little boat sailed away with my heart (see what I did there?) It’s currently hanging out with my jewelry collection, but the mid century aesthetic makes it ideal for any room.


How much scientific glass is too much? I might be reaching the max, but for a couple of bucks a piece these cuties came home with us.


I’m also maxed out on milk glass. Some of my bigger pieces are in storage so I’m being very picky about what comes home…. but I’m also easily swayed when a piece is unique and under $3.


We also have a bit of a problem with glasses… as in we want them all. We’ve been admiring Dorothy Thorpe style sets for some time, but the popularity of Mad Men has upped the price and the “everyone’s got that” factor. When we saw this set, we were immediately drawn to the size and shape. Then we noticed they were monogrammed and said, “Well, that’s going to be a hard sell unless you find the right person.” Then we noticed the monogram was an H….


Apparently we were the right people.

I originally planned to shoot all of these smalls in their final home. The boat and vase by my bedside, the expanding scientific glass collection by the TV and these glasses on the new bar. Then I broke one! UGH. I know. I know. #thisiswhywecan’thavenicethings

I’ve decided that this is only a set of 6 because of the holder. So if we can find a 4 cup holder that we like, then we’re back up to a set, plus an extra. Aaron didn’t buy that line of thinking…


A spin through the South County Antique Mall, our favorite large antique mall in the Lou yielded a few smalls and these tiny tables. They’re not much to look at. Ok, literally they’re not much – wood with unattached mirrors on top. BUT those legs! Just like Yellow Brick Home, we’re not above hoarding hairpin legs. At $30 a piece, these tables sets of legs are well worth the storage space. Future table or bench? Only time will tell.


Another spot I stalk all week long thanks to their awesome Instagram account is South Jefferson Mid Century Modern. Their selection is always well curated and offered at prices that are SO good, like so good I almost want to keep it a secret. But I’m not because 1) I can’t buy ALL the things, even if I want to 2) I want this store to have as many fans as possible so they keep buying and selling these great pieces.

What we bought isn’t exactly their normal offering (I guess we do that a lot…) This table base was in the far back of the shop with a rag and cleaner on top of it. Even though it wasn’t really “ready” Aaron was instantly drawn to the huge, solid aluminum base.

009randombuysDec2014 011randombuysDec2014 012randombuysDec2014

We inquired about the price and got a brief history lesson. It’s actually a conference table base from KMOV, a television station in downtown St Louis. South Jefferson MCM had plans to add a new top and replace the missing foot, but was willing to let the base go for $80. Sold.

It’s the perfect size for the work table we want to finish off the studio.


For now it’s hanging out with a lot of other items in the studio… like the trailer (full update on that next.)

  1. Nice finds!! I found an okay antique mall in Chesterfield that wasn’t bad. But nothing like these. I’ve also been told that going antiquing in the countryside also is good because prices are lower. 😉

    1. Where at in Chesterfield?
      We’ve hit up a few countryside antique malls, but haven’t found any gems.

      1. 1275 Castillon Arcade Plz. (Fee Fee & Olive) Looks like nothing from the outside but there’s tons of little booths. Some are priced appropriately and some I think don’t know what they’ve got!

        1. Ha! That’s one we hit up a few times a year 🙂 It’s a bit of a drive so we usually couple with a visit to my parents (who live out there.) You’re right. It’s definitely a mix. I don’t think we’ve scored anything noteworthy from there – all small stuff before I started documenting it for the blog. We did see a Kodak sign once, but it was WAY overpriced. We hoped it would go down, but it was gone next time we went. Such is life 🙂

  2. I feel you re the broken glass. I got my hubby a two glass set for sipping whisky (with a companion decanter that I’m afraid to actually use for fear of lead poisoning), but one of the possibly leaded crystal glasses broke during our last move. I cried. So now we only have one. Pitiful.

    Sounds like your shopping hobby isn’t too dangerous. I mean, everything you found is so teeny! That wee sailboat! The wee beaker! So cute.

    Happy Christmas!

    1. Oh man. Breaking things is the worst. I’m horribly clumsy. This glass was worse because I was actively trying to be careful.

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