Lighting up the courtyard

When we first stepped back and said “Hey this looks like a courtyard,” we knew there was one thing that would really give it that courtyard feel


Based on the fact that you can read the title of the post, I’m sure you know that we opted to string some lights!


Eighty eight lightbulbs to be exact, procured from (specifically this type with 11 watt bulbs.) We strung them between the firehouse and garage, creating a ceiling effect in the space. They are hard wired to a dimmer to provide maximum ambiance control.

003courtyard_lights 004courtyard_lights

When you’re standing under the lights, they really distract from the power lines coming into the building, which is a nice bonus.


This area is really turning into a gorgeous spot.


Please note, this is the only time our dog looks small…


BUT the best part is how they look at night…

008courtyard_lights 009courtyard_lights

Can it get more magical than this??


Here’s the part of the post where I get all sappy and can’t believe that we LIVE here. For two people who never thought they’d find a “forever” home, I’m continually amazed how the firehouse allows us to craft exactly the space we’ve always dreamed of. (There will be much more of this as we work on the kitchen and create the wine cellar.) (WINE CELLAR! Eek!)

I digress… here’s more eye candy.

011courtyard_lights 012courtyard_lights

That wraps up the courtyard updates and all of the projects we jumped on for the House Hunters: Where Are They Now episode. (Sometime in March 2015.) Our wedding season is also winding down, so we’re looking forward to some extra free time (watch out antique malls, here we come) and prioritizing our list for 2015. One particular project is looming large (literally)… more on that later.

21 thoughts on “Lighting up the courtyard

  1. Beautiful! That is a dream patio!! Was it hard to hard wire the lights in? Or did you have an electrician do it? I’ve been wanting a few lights like these in my backyard, but I’m not even sure if I could hardwire them in without blowing something (or myself) up.

    • Thanks, Ari! Wiring the lights was fairly simple. If you can wire a light fixture you can do it. Aaron has a lot of experience with electrical work, so he did it. They also have plug in versions if you want to avoid wiring all together πŸ™‚

    • Thanks!! So, we’re not taking ours in because they are supposed to last, but I’m nervous to see how they hold up through the Missouri winter. So far so good.

    • Right? We haven’t invested in good furniture for this space yet. The chairs are just what we have and they work for now.

  2. Seriously stunning. Someday soon someone will ask to have their wedding at your house, if you keep this up. Question: what are those white things with either light or fire on them? At first I thought they must be speakers, or mosquito repellant thingies…

    • Thank you! Haha! Lot of people mention that we should have an event space. πŸ˜‰
      The white things are torches for mosquito repellant… just very elegant ones we scored on a flash site. They also add a nice ambiance… well, they did before the lights.

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely have chills! Part because that courtyard is just stunning overall and partly because you so love the home you’re creating. I know the home we’re in now is not our “forever home” so I totally get that feeling.
    Now the big question is when I can come sit under those beautiful lights and have a drink by the fire pit!?!?

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