Upstairs art, an announcement and a giveaway

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed.

Our upstairs walls are no longer bare! The art that we mulled over and selected is finally hanging! Let’s take a tour.

Staircase landing:


My desire for a huge print in this stairwell has been satisfied. I love when the light streams through the window and illuminates the detail in the sea stack.


Long wall between the plant shelf and the TV:

003upstairs_art 004upstairs_art

This series offers a great punch of color and really leads your eye into the space.

005upstairs_art 006upstairs_art 007upstairs_art

Behind the couch:

008upstairs_art 009upstairs_art

Don’t let this picture fool you. That is a massive image, clocking in at 28″ x 76″. Our 8′ couch can dwarf anything.



011upstairs_art 012upstairs_art 013upstairs_art 014upstairs_art

Master bedroom:



The prints have actually been in place for a bit, but I’ve been waiting to show you. We received such great feedback about the images that we decided to make them (and many more) available in our new Etsy shop: Fire Pole Prints


To celebrate the grand opening and kick things off we’re giving away a free print. We pulled a collection of our favorite images but we’d like to know which image tops your list. Hop over to the store then leave us a comment below telling us your favorite image. We’ll randomly choose one comment and that person will win their choice of print valued up to $125. Official details below.

Prize: One print from Fire Pole Prints. Sizes and prices vary based on how the image was shot. The winner can choose any image and any size up to $125.
Enter by: Leaving a comment on this post telling us your favorite print in the shop
Giveaway closes: Wednesday, November 26th at midnight CST
Number of winners: One
Prize ships: Anywhere
More stuff:  The winner will be selected using and announced on Thursday, Nov 27th in this post. Please include a valid email address with your blog comment so we can contact you if you win. Immediate family members can comment, but are ineligible for the drawing. (We will, however, take those comments into consideration for Christmas and birthday gifts.) The winner does not have to choose the print they comment about (in case you want to bestow the print as an awesome holiday gift.)

So what are you waiting for? Tell us which one you love.

UPDATE: The winner is Annie who loved “Fog Pier” for it’s eery beauty.  (Annie – check your inbox for details.) If you’re not Annie, you can still score a print from the store and take 25% off while you’re at it with this code: THANKS2014. (Technically, the code will still work if you are Annie…)

69 thoughts on “Upstairs art, an announcement and a giveaway

  1. There are so many amazing ones to pick from, but I think “Sea Field” is my favorite just because it looks like it was taken on the surface of another planet. Very very cool

  2. Love all the artwork up in the firehouse! Any word on HH?

    anyway – to be entered, my favorite is the “Forest Floor Panoramic”. Love that one!

  3. Eek – so hard to choose a favorite! I think Fog Pier…no wait, Snow Tree…or…

    Love the ones you chose for the Firehouse — they compliment all your work perfectly!

  4. LOVE pretty much every photo in the FirePolePrints store… but I really love Sea Stack and Stump the most.

    Mostly because I’m a fan of similar things and the windy-ness of the stump is so eye-catching, especially in B&W.

  5. So great to see you expand and share these with the world I love Sea Field, it would be a great thing to add to our new house when we get it.

  6. This Etsy shop is a great idea! I really couldn’t make up my mind: I like the picture of the factory just as much as the polaroids.

  7. Oh darn, awesome, good for you – an Etsy!! So hard to choose, although I love the polaroids very very much indeed… And the industrial ones too… So Machinery or Coastal Trees Polaroid for me!

  8. I love so many of them! My mother was born in Oregon and so the northwest has been a frequent vacation spot for us – I’ve seen all of these moments in my life. That said, I love the bird on a wire print – but the stump is a close second favorite.

  9. I love the Green Field. It is so exciting to think about having a piece of your imagination in my house! I am going to put a plug in for equally simple photos that combine unique combinations together. I’ve been searching for something that combines small bits of teal/turquoise, coral, and lemongrass together with a neutral so my husband will allow me to do a ‘boring’ house with pops of those.

  10. I’m a fan of “Machinery” and “Exit.” Love the whole collection and seeing how the firehouse continues to come together!

  11. I have a thing for the Pacific Northwest (I live in Kentucky, but my husband is from PNW and I get major location envy each time we visit his family), so it’s no surprise that I was immediately drawn to “Sea Stack Polaroid” and “Mt Rainier Polaroid”. Beautiful shots!

  12. so tough to pick a favorite! i love the aprons, and the gradiated forest, and the birds on a line and the STUMP, but if i had to pick one that would hang in my living room and i would look at everyday, i think i would have to go with the fog pier. or the littered coast. wait, definitely the bridge. final answer. but dont hold me to it.

  13. Birds on a Line , I love all the things but this would go the best in my house. I wish I had a blog so I could make my relatives comment to give me ideas for Christmas/birthdays. that’s a great idea!

  14. I just moved into a brand new apartment in a brand new city. The Gradiated Forest Panoramic print would be an amazing addition to my place.

    Also, first I’m commenter, and just wanted to say I love the blog and firehouse! So inspiring. I only hope I can work on a space just as cool someday.

  15. For me it is a tie between the Fallen Tree Panoramic & the Littered Coast Panoramic. Both are so beautiful.Plus my boyfriend is a forester so I know he would appreciate them as well!

  16. Gradiated Forest Panoramic is so beautiful. I really love the series of four red prints on your living room wall, and I appreciate that you’re balancing the enormous expanses of wall that you have with sizable art.

  17. Definitely would pick either Birds on a Line, or Bridge. Etsy shop is a great idea, although apparently they’ve had a huge policy shift recently, and long established shops have seen their number of sales take a nose dive. I hope it’s profitable for you though! (There’s also store envy)

  18. Stump polaroid. I’m a sucker for an interesting piece of wood and I love the effect you gave this one. Plus I remember polaroids very well!!

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