I could stare at you all day…

Is choosing art hard for anyone else? It took a full bottle of wine for us to settle on favorites, take some measurements, design a template and make some final choices. Here’s what we landed on.
Staircase landing
We started in this area because I’ve been dreaming of a HUGE print in this space. I fell head over heels in love with this black and white image:
But our printer limitations (as if 44” is really a limitation) forced us into a strong vertical.The picture looked horrible cropped into a vertical, so we dropped in two other black and white images as contenders.
living room art4
After deciding on trees for some of the other spaces, we settled on the moody sea stacks.
Long wall between the plant shelf and the TV
Thanks to the forgotten about redscale images, this wall came together pretty quickly. Aaron dropped a series of four onto our template and the arrangement just felt right.
living room art
We did tinker with the placement and image selection before we landed on this grouping. We love the pop of color and how the horizontal-ness leads you into the space as you approach from the stairwell.
Behind the couch
We were both really drawn to this image. The fog! The trees!
But we differed on whether the image should be in black and white or color. I love, love how the color version goes from almost a monochromatic black and white to a deep green. It looks exactly how the space felt. Aaron worried that the green image plus the blue couch plus the redscale images would be a bit clashy. He added a (not really close, because wine) swatch of blue (the couch) to help me see the light.
living room art2
As with most things related to color he was right. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up yet. We paused our discussion to see what would work well in the hallway.
These two beachy images started as the top contenders for the hallway.
The top image is one of Aaron’s favorites from the trip. We had all but decided that it would live in the hallway when we realized that because of the space, you wouldn’t be get the full impact of the print. You would be way too close to take it all in.
So we tried his favorite image as a black and white print over the couch…
fallen log
and moved the color (yay!) version of the trees to the hallway…
And all was well in the world.
A few favorite images got left in the dust. We rescued this one from obscurity and printed it for our bedroom. (It looks awesome.)
Eventually hope to find a spot for this moody beauty, which Aaron likens to dinosaur bones.
We also plan to integrate art from other people into the rest of the house, but for House Hunters we would have to take that down anyways (copyright issues). So we’re still contemplating and buying pieces we both enjoy. How do you discover artists? We found some great work at the St Louis Art Fair that Aaron pinned for future reference.
  1. Nice choices! The roots one is my favorite – I’m glad you found a spot to use it.

    Etsy is a great new artist resource (at least I’ve had good luck there). But, some of my favorite art has been found through blogs. There are so many wonderful artists out there… so sad that I have only so much wall space.

    1. I LOVE the roots!

  2. I can’t help but see a face in the bottom right part of the roots/driftwood photo! It’s like a spooky little surprise.

    1. Hahahaha! I didn’t see that, but now I do.

  3. These are fantastic…I would totally love one of these for my own home!!!

    1. Thanks, Steph! We’re considering selling some of our prints on Etsy.

  4. The last one that you referenced as “dinosaur bones” was my favorite all along – and when you said dinosaur, well, then I knew why!!

    Can’t wait to see these in your space.

    1. Ha! You and your dinosaurs 😉

  5. So I’ve gone about this all backwards but I LOVE the choices you’ve made. I’ve been thinking that it’s about time to start putting my art up on the walls. So many choices.

    Since I moved into my place 5 years ago, my then roommate wanted my art up on the walls. Let’s just say that my photography has evolved since then and that I need to update the artwork. Not that we entertain that much.

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